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Join Tomago Racing

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Hey guys, 


I own a small crew (but we just started) of 5 currently. 


We are Tomago Racing, also known as EGGG.


Tomago is a Japanese word for Egg, it doesnt mean anything but the word sounds cool. 


Were normal people, were all 18+. so we would like to keep it that way. Must have mic's and must be able to be social-able to the others in the group already and willing to make new friends. 


We are car people, so if you are not, then this crew isnt for you.


We do racing, car meets and general cruises. Were a chill group. Sometimes we do missions but just to get money to buy more cars... Its our way of having fun. If you are a try hard, find a try hard crew then. If you cant take a joke from time to time or handle explicit language then this isnt for you either. Were adults and we will continue being adults and we are all from different area's of the world but we all seem to get along and share our passion for the game and racing/cars. 


I change the crew color actively once or twice a week so dont be surprised to see a new color often. We all have our duped cars, modded cars, F1 wheels, etc etc. We just enjoy these things together. Also, if you arent into it then probably not your crew. Gotta take a little risk to get a reward. 


We also actively do same car crew roll outs to car meets, host car meets, attend car meets together, show off our newest things that make us happy, do things that make other laugh at us or laugh with us. 


We make a lot of youtube videos which are generally directed by my good buddy who "co-owns" this crew. 




AGAIN, Like I said, were adults, most of us work crazy hours or were only on for a few hours a night or the weekend and sometimes all of us on together is a chore so keep this in mind before hand. 


Other then that, I look forward to seeing if we can rally a few more people from here, PM for more details. 


Thank you!


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Sounds cool, I'm also from metro Detroit. How often are you guys on? PS4?

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