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[PS4] Lost Breed MC Recruitment


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The Lost Breed Motorcycle Club is a one of the many originals 1% clubs that has been active roaming the streets of Los Santos

ever since the first start of GTA Online in 2014. And now, we are looking for more players, and soon as a future brother, to ride with us and make a name for yourself and most importantly, the club's pride.

Built on a foundation of loyalty and brotherhood, it will become second nature from the first day you join. We will help you as much as you help us, putting in your time and effort to make us who we are, a brotherhood. With players from around the globe, you don't have to worry about not finding new people and get to know each other.



We help each other to do your everyday GTA errands, supplies runs, money grinding, and bike rides.  


Time zone is the least of your worry as we have members from the US and the UK. 


Comparing with other clubs, we make it a little easy on you because we are just a small role playing club. We're here to have fun.


You'll be put into two separated durations during your time with us, starting with the Hangaround progress. We do not have a set duration to when you'll be ranked up, because your activity and contributions are the things that show us you're serious.


We are not competitive, however if problems do rise, we always have each other's back.


Other than GTA Online, we are also on Red Dead Online and many other games.



Glad that you've show interest in joining us! As describe above, you'll be undergo a period of being a Hangaround because we would like to know you better. So your first task, is to introduce yourself, and we encourage you to have a mic with you as well. 

If you're new to the game, that's okay. We will show you around and help you get ready in the game.

Because we are a Free Aim Only club, we would run some rounds of TDMs to keep in check of your aiming. It will come in handy, trust us. If you're also not the kind of player that griefs or annoy others, that's even better because you'll fit right in as we are here to only to have a relaxing time instead. So, don't be shy, introduce yourself.


We don't have a set period from when you'll be climbing up the hierarchy, your dedication and determination to the club will tell us.


We are only on PS4


Because we want to see your seriousness towards us, we require to have one active club and that'll be us.


Do you have a Kik account? Because it's our main social platform. If you don't have a Kik account, let us know in the application later.


(Got Discord? Then great news, because we not have our very own LBMC Discord server. This link will bring you straight to the application process, see you there!)



Because we have an age requirement, you'll need to be 18 or older in order to apply.


Here's the link to our application:


And here's our Social Club Hangaround page:


Alternatively, you could contact one of us via PSN @FuchsiaSkull or for a faster reply, head on to Instagram for @Im.awesome.122 or @jj_jaxons.

Check us out on our Instagram page as well @lost_breed_mc_ss




Because there's been a lot of MCs around the role community, we have the same bylaws as everyone albeit different than them. We'll show you some that every prospect has to adhere once they rank up.

1. Know Your Place: You're a hang around or prospect for a reason, always think before you act or say.

2. No Drama: Pretty self explanatory, we are here to have fun. Not to create a modern day soap-opera.

3. Don't Be A Trigger Happy: Know your target before you press that button.

4. 1% Weapons Only: Because we are a 1% club, you are only limited to a certain choices of weapons to make it fair within the community.

And more on our website...




We hope to see you soon

Edited by LostBreedMCRecruitment
Wording changes.
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you limit your bumps to once per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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