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Annual Awards 2019 | The Winners


Recommended Posts






Most Helpful Member of the decade: @RedDagger 

2nd: Silent 3rd: Wildbrick142


Most Knowledgeable Member of the decade: @Ash_735 

2nd: K^2 3rd: Adriaan


Most Respected Member of the decade@Silent 

2nd: Kirsty 3rd: Tank, Yan2295


Most Missed Member of the decade: @~Tiger~, @livejoker, @The Dedito Gae 

2nd: GTA3Freak-2001, ODIE


Best Topic of the Decade The GTAForums Golden Turd Banathon 

2nd: Next DLC Discussion Thread 3rd: Where is the blue


Best Gang of the Decade The Yardies 

2nd: Zaibatsu 3rd: Andolini Mafia Family


Best Event of the Decade Van Society Meets 

2nd: GTAF Gang Leagues, Mr/Mrs Los Santos 3rd: IV Turf Wars, Time Trials


Best Staff Member of the Decade: @Raavi 

2nd: Kirsty 3rd: RedDagger


Most Corrupt Staff Member of the Decade: @Voodoo 

2nd: Sivispacem 3rd: Ciaran


Best Modder of the Decade: @Silent 

2nd: The Hero 3rd: PatrickW, Thundersmacker


Biggest Forum Contribution of the Decade Liberty City Street view by fred, Multiplay Monitor 

2nd: GTA Series Forum


Biggest Spammer of the Decade: @PhillBellic 

2nd: MrBossFTW 3rd: Slamman




Topic of the yearNEXT DLC Discussion Thread

 2nd: Bravado Gauntlet Classic Appreciation, Weekly Elimination Games 3rd: [GTAO] The General Chat Topic, Casino Heist approaches preps and general info


Funniest TopicMs. Agatha Baker Appreciation Thread 

2nd: GTAO High Quality Appreciation Thread 3rd: GTA 6 Speculation Discussion, GTA Memes


Most Helpful Topic: Complete Dripfeed Databases 

2nd: Weekly pinned newswire briefing topics 3rd: Elimination games


Best Poster in GTA V: @billiejoearmstrong8, @WildBrick142, @REXX 

2nd: Hideo Kojima 3rd: Sam Lake



2nd: Fun 2, Volganor 3rd: Fozzie, Amy Vinewood



2nd: Fozzie, Classique 3rd: universe twisters


Coolest Member@R3CON 

2nd: Amy Vinewood, Willy A. Jee, YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE, Coleco, SonOfLiberty


Most Helpful Member: @Fun 2 

2nd: Volganor 3rd: Classique, Wildbrick142


Best New Member@Standard Deluxe 59 

2nd: MotantanTrantantan, 3rd: Max.pain  


Most Improved Member@universetwisters, @Lonely-Martin

 2nd: Crazy Al Ward, YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE. Big Molio, Sam Lake


Most Missed Member@alkaline_ 

2nd: fw3 3rd: Femme Fatale


Best Event11 times Y 

2nd: Race Club, V Time Trials


Best Future Concept: Grand Theft Auto: Red Line by Cebra & slimeball supreme  

2nd: Downtown Cab Co by REXX, GTA World by killdrivetheftvehicle 


Best Fan MapVice City 1983 by GTAConceptMaps  

2nd: Project Oceania by Solstron , Vice City/Vice State by sexualizer 




Best Poster in RDR2@Jason 

2nd: DupZ0R 3rd: AndyGanteks


Best Poster in RDRO@Jason 

2nd: ALifeOfMisery 3rd: Fozzie


Best TopicThings You Didn't Know About RDR2  

2nd: RDR2 Beta Hunt 3rd: RDR2 Mysteries


Funniest TopicThe Red Dead Online B*tch & Moan Thread 

2nd: Will there be realistic tumbleweed in RDR2?  3rd: Best/Funniest quotes


Most Helpful Topic: Madam Lazar Location Thread 

2nd: Weekly Newswire Threads 3rd: Mapping RDR2, V1.00 Advantages


Coolest Member: @ALifeOfMisery 

2nd: Hideo Kojima, Fozzie, DupZ0r, 3rd: Amy Vinewood


Funniest Member@Fozzie 

2nd: The Dedito Gae, Leftover Pizza, AlifeOfMistery, 3rd: Fun2, TheLordMarvel


Most Helpful Member: @Jason, @Spider-Vice, @CaliMeatWagon 

2nd: DupZ0r 3rd: (Vip)Met, fun2, ALifeOfMistery


Most Improved Member: @Sam Lake 

2nd: Jason 3rd: Hideo Kojima


Most Missed Member: @The Dedito Gae 

2nd: Dee 3rd: The Winter Crow




Most Helpful Modder: @Junior_Djjr

2nd: The Hero 3rd: Silent


Best New Modder: @erorcun

2nd: The'Truth, MrFinger, CRAZY AL WARD, 3rd: TheBigDuck, lunchxbles


Best Workshop: @Junior_Djjr Workshop

2nd: The Vanillaworks, SOBB Workshop 3rd: Coutt & Shutz Used Cars, Thundersmacker Workshop


Best Script or Plugin: SA & LCS Vehicle Camera Port,  SilentPatch, VehFuncs

2nd: SkyGFX 3rd: Scripthook GTA V & RDR 2


Best MapLiberty City Countryside

2nd: Vice City Overhaul 3rd: SA XBOX Map Features

Best Conversion: RE: Liberty City Stories

2nd: Vice City Stories: PC Edition 3rd: Vice Cry Remastered


Best Total Overhaul: GTA Underground

2nd: Shine o' Vice 3rd: Grand Theft Auto 3D


Best Vehicle: [REL] Walter's Brown Streak (SA)

2nd: [VC] Fixed XBOX Vehicles 3rd: Fully Equipped Deluxo Albany Emperor Brigham


Best Texture: VTRP 1.5 - A Vice City Retexture Project

2nd: AI Enhanced Textures for Vice City  3rd: n/a


Best Tool: OpenIV

2nd: DragonFF - Blender GTA I/O 3rd: DFF importer and exporter for 3ds max




Best poster in RDR I: @Hmmm nice bike 

2nd: Tycek 3rd: Cutter de Blanc


Best poster in Rockstar Games: @Spider-Vice 

2nd: ApolloThunder, Hmmm nice bike 3rd: AndyGanteks


Best poster in General Chat: @blaze 

2nd: Cameron Star, trip 3rd: Rhoda, Voodoo, Creme_Brulee, Audi


Best poster in Gaming: @Audi, @DareYokel, @Mister Pink 

2nd Dnero 3rd: Commander S, trip, Jason, Fireman, Hmmm nice bike, Creme_Brulee, Hideo Kojima


Best poster in Tech and Programing: @K^2 

2nd: Blaze 3rd: trip, hardstyle83, Sam Lake


Best poster in Movies and TV: @Mister Pink, @Jimmy 

2nd: Pesos, darthYENIK, Pavle, Self-Destructive Man, SonOfLiberty, The Dedito Gae 3rd: DareYokel, Arrows to Athens


Best poster in Music: @Mister Pink 

2nd: Dnero 3rd: Banks.


Best poster in Sports: @Banks. 

2nd: Jason, TheSantander25 3rd: Eutyphro, Tchuck, Crokey, Laker23, AndyGanteks


Best poster in Vehicles: @Pavle 

2nd: Audi, sivispacem 3rd: Mister Pink, Flachbau


Best poster in Graphics: @SilentSoul21 

2nd: Kalvin 3rd: Blaze


Best poster in Writers Discussion: @slimeball supreme

 2nd: Carbonox, Banks 3rd: Ziggy455, Mokrie Dela, Fallcreek


Best poster in Debates and Discussions: @sivispacem 

2nd: Svip 3rd: make total destroy, Ucle Sikee Atric, Dareyokel


Best topic: Llama chat vTK-421

2nd: Users in this countries 3rd: EPL 1920 Predictions, Dreams topic


Funniest member: @make total destroy 

2nd: universetwisters 3rd: Blaze, Voodoo


Most helpful member: @Spider-Vice, @trip 

2nd: Jason 3rd: SonOfLiberty


Coolest member: @Mister Pink 

2nd: Fozzie 3rd: slohbur, Alexander, trip, Raavi, SonOfLiberty


Most improved member: @Sam Lake 

2nd: Zello 3rd: Jimmy


Best name change: @YELLOW ZOOMER WITH DRONE 

2nd: Sam Lake 3rd: The Dedito Gae, Hideo Kojima


Best member profile: @Fozzie 

2nd: PoisonedGas, universetwisters 3rd: YA BOY DIRT, AndyGanteks, DareYokel 


Best new member: @El Penguin Bobo 

2nd: max.pain 3rd: Damien Scott


Most missed member: @The Dedito Gae 

2nd: Tiger, Phillbellic 3rd: rtie, femme fatale, Billy Russo, Tyla, Scaglietti


Worst poster in The Pit: @Max.pain 

2nd: Uncle Sikee Atric, asadog2 3rd: Lonely-Martin




Best Official Gang: Zaibatsu, The Yardies

2nd: Leone Family Mafia 3rd: $outh $ide Hoodz, Andolini Mafia Family

Best Certified Gang: Daily Globe

2nd: The Yakuza 3rd: Van Society, Paleto Bay Mayors Office

Best Unofficial Gang: The Warriors

2nd: VeloceFacade 3rd: Hot Cops

Worst Group Overall: Project: Helisexuality

2nd: VeloceFacade



Best Ledby: @slohbur 

2nd: Jason 3rd: Sam Lake


Best Moderator@Spider-Vice 

2nd: RedDagger 3rd: Rhoda


Best Administrator@Raavi 

2nd: Voodoo, uNi, Moonshield 3rd: Kristy, Tank


Most Corrupt Staff@Voodoo

 2nd: Spider-Vice, Sam Lake  3rd: Sivispacem, Raavi




Best Bob@Bob_Dole 

2nd: El Penguin Bobo 3rd: extremely stable genius


Best Poster: @Fozzie

2nd: R3CON, Raavi 3rd: Slohbur, Carbonox, AndyGanteks, Spider-Vice, asadog2, extremely stable genius, Pavle


Funniest Member: @Fozzie

2nd: Slasher, Sam Lake 3rd: Daz, extremely stable genius


Most Helpful Member: @slohbur 

2nd: Raavi 3rd: Voodoo, RebelDevil, Blaze, extremely stable genius, Spider-Vice


Coolest Member: @Craig 

2nd: Audi, asadog2 3rd: R3CON, Pavle, Sam Lake, Fozzie, slohbur, extremely stable genius, Creme_Brulee


Most Improved Member: @El Penguin Bobo 

2nd: Hideo Kojima 3rd: Audi, just do it bob1


Best Discord Name Change: @El Penguin Bobo

2nd: Creme_Brulee 3rd: Carbonox


Best Debater: @Svip

2nd: blaze 3rd: make total destroy, Tyler, R3CON, sivispacem, Pesos


Best Petrolhead: @Pavle

2nd: Audi 3rd: Desky


Best Canadian: @Fozzie

2nd: shoumaker, asadog2 3rd: Paul, Kushology


Biggest Twat: @Viewbob 

2nd: make total destroy 3rd: extremely stable genius




Biggest Boomer: @asadog2

 2nd: Mach1bud 3rd: Johnny Playert


Best trucker @asadog2

2nd: Fozzie, Killerdude 3rd: extremely stable genius


Best Penguin: @El Penguin Bobo

2nd: Carbonox 3rd: Bob_Dole


Most Likely To Flee To Mexico: @AndyGanteks

2nd: Hmmm nice bike 3rd Doublepulse


Most likely to get thrown off his horse: @Rewas

2nd: Dnero 3rd El Zodape


Most Likely Micah: @paul

2nd Gouveia 3rd Hideo Kojima




Worst Member Profile: @paul

2nd: Max.pain, Sentinel Driver  3rd: Fozzie, wester23


Worst Backseat Moderator 2019: @whywontyoulisten 

2nd: Jimmy  3rd: Kalvin, El Penguin Bobo


Best Toilet Literature: Ms.Agatha Baker Appreciation Thread

2nd: The Next DLC Speculation Thread 3rd: The Pit™, Major Downgrade With Patch 114 Report


Most Annoying 2019: @Hunter

2nd: XXVIII 3rd: Alkaline_, Bebay123, Outlaw Biker, Quinn_flower


Biggest Drama Queen 2019: @Viewbob, @AUScowboy

2nd: The Dedito Gae 3rd: Kalvin


Biggest Like Whore 2019: @Zello

2nd: Sanches 3rd: AndyGanteks, Kalvin


Biggest Fanboy 2019: @SonOfLiberty

2nd: asadog2, Mach1bud 3rd: Alexander, Kalvin


Biggest Furry 2019: @RedDagger

2nd: El Penguin Bobo 3rd: Kalvin


Worst Troll 2019: @gonnaenodaethat, @asadog2, @Potto

2nd: Kalvin, Max.pain, extremely stable genius, HikikomriYume  3rd: sivispacem, XXVIII, Ehllfhire, Slasher, Fun 2


Worst poster in Debates & Discussions: @ilovebender.com

2nd: ilovebender.com 3rd: ilovebender.com


Worst Stripper: @Crokey

2nd: Kalvin 3rd: ilovebender.com


Best Fast Food Chain Worker: @universetwisters

2nd: Arsewipercareerman20 3rd: make total destroy


Member You'd Most Like to Ban 2019: @XXVIII, @Hunter 

2nd: Kalvin, Sam Lake, XOIIIIIXIIIIIIXO, sivispacem 3rd: Spider-Vice, El Penguin Bobo, Potto, ilovebender.com, Viewbob



GTA Online


Best Character (Male)







Best Character (Female)





Best Vehicle




Best Scenery



Best Action Sequence



Best Wildlife Capture



Best Funny Scene



Red Dead Online


Best Character (Male)



Best Character (Female)





Best Horse



Best Scenery



Best Action Sequence



Best Wildlife Capture



Best Funny Scene





With very special thanks to






@Sam Lake

@Uncle Sikee Atric






For tirelessly working behind the scenes counting, tallying and working through the utter tedium of the whole process to make these awards possible.



And to everyone who was nominated but didn't end up winning anything...



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29 minutes ago, Raavi said:



Funniest member: @make total destroy 

2nd: universetwisters 3rd: Blaze, Voodoo





ive just received word that this years awards were not bullsh*t and were indeed fair and legitimate

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tfw I win


tfw dont have a speech


tfw imma head out


tfw congrats to everyone etc x50

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Congratulations to all the winners. A big thanks to everyone who voted for the me and The Warriors.

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  • YEE 2
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38 minutes ago, Raavi said:

Most Helpful Member of the decade: @RedDagger 




38 minutes ago, Raavi said:

Biggest Furry 2019: @RedDagger





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And now its time for the ban roulette!


No exceptions.


except for staff ofc.

Edited by AndyGanteks
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1 minute ago, AndyGanteks said:

And now its time for the ban roulette!


No exceptions.


except for staff ofc.



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If I'm not mistaken, I've had a 3rd, then 2nd, and now tied 1st for most improved, lol. Gonna have to step up my game. 🤣🤣


Congrats to the winners though, and thanks to those creating all this. Good fun. ✌👍

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2 hours ago, Raavi said:

Best Future Concept: Grand Theft Auto: Red Line by Cebra & slimeball supreme  

2nd: Downtown Cab Co by REXX, GTA World by killdrivetheftvehicle 


2 hours ago, Raavi said:

Best poster in Writers Discussion: @slimeball supreme

 2nd: Carbonox, Banks 3rd: Ziggy455, Mokrie Dela, Fallcreek

pleasantly surprised. you people who voted for me are princes and mensches and true saints - a bastion of purity in a cruel and unfair world

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It's gettin' a bit crowded doon here - Ah think we're gonna need a bigger bridge. 


Joint winner ma erse

Edited by gonnaenodaethat
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But one thing i can't understand - why GTAU - is total overhaul, if it's just conversion. I mean it's doesn't give new content or someting. Just onversation RGames's maps with bit update and nothing more. Offtopic, but...it's like comprate Nehrim and Morrobilivion, fist one is large ORIGINAL total overhaul, so second just conversation with some major update, but not some really original.

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1 hour ago, Daz said:

It's probably for the best that we never do this again.

unfortunately in 10 years it's another decade

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I would love to know how many votes the winners got and how tight the results were. Because some of the winners make very little to none sense. (I´m mostly talking about the modding category) 

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37 minutes ago, _F_ said:

I would love to know how many votes the winners got and how tight the results were. Because some of the winners make very little to none sense. (I´m mostly talking about the modding category) 

Ask in the Salt Mines, you might get an answer there.

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five consecutive years of WINNING something i cannot be STOPPED!!


congrats nerds and boomers

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