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Who’s Your Favorite Villain in IV/EFLC ?

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For me , Mikhail Faustin, his Introduction was Badass his acting was Classic and the way he was Killed was epic ! Thank you!

Edited by HisNameIsMilad
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Billy Grey


From the moment he smashed that mechanic's face with the sledgehammer I knew I'd hate the guy. He's got this raw charisma that had me hooked to his character but he's such a manipulative cunt that I loved to hate him. Even the way he died, most other villains would plead and whimper but this dude was like, you waiting for a speech or something? The dude just gave no fecks, I hated his guts. 


Even in his appearance in TBOGT he's insufferable, found it satisfying when Luis shut him up(even though I don't like Luis so much). He's my favourite villain not just in the IV era but in the series as a whole, nobody felt as hateable to me as this dude

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I don't know if Faustin is a full villain because he isn't really a villain towards Niko. But if considering him one he's my favourite. Great character and amazing voice acting 


Faustin: "So, you think it's ok to kill one of my employees?"

Niko: "If he is an asshole, yes"

Faustin:*shoots Andrei in head* "I agree"


Also "Shut the f*** up, my f***ing wife is watching television" is the best introductory line in GTA lol


Dimitri is a great villain too. I like the twist of him looking/sounding unimposing being skinny with glasses and a high voice, and how he's such a slimy rat. 


Also love Billy Grey, @Utopianthumbs sums it up


Ray Bulgarin would be up there too but they messed him up a bit in TBOGT. Could've done without the silly stuff with the guitar playing and his sister. But apart from that I love his voice acting and character, that first scene with Niko is amazing and I really liked his calls to Luis. And when he's calling him telling him to look in the box on the roof, holy sh*t. IV/EFLC have some good villains. 



Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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