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|[New]| [VLRP] Menu Based | Life RP| Realistic RP | NEED LEO | OPEN Applications | 50+ Custom Vehicles! |

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VLRP - Virtual Life Roleplay


Brand new server still in the developing phase, looking to start growing our community and building our departments. Feel free to join, give your thoughts, comments or concerns. Currently it is just myself as server staff, so I may not reply at every hour, but I am active.


What is VLRP?
This is a server focused on realistic roleplay. Continuously striving to improve, grow, and give you an environment to expand on your roleplay. Scenarios with no real roleplay behind it will not be something with encourage here.
(Ex. Someone who joins each night to do the same pursuit, or simply targeting police to respond to him with no roleplay behind it.)
Here, we will have it a bit more realistic. When you first join the server, you will create a backstory for your character. From then on, each day you join to roleplay. You will play this character. (or another you created) Get to know others, make friends, or enemies, start a business, etc. Up to you with which doors you enter with these characters! But this way, your roleplay actually has a meaning, and opens doors for many other great things.


At the moment, main focus is to have one department up and running. BCSO is open for applications. We have a fleet of some very nice vehicles. Each promotion allows you to drive a new car.


Looking for LEO applicants. Hoping to have some test RP sessions started before going live.


Thanks for reading.

https://discord.gg/VYnqGQJ 14


Edited by BogiTheKozak

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Working on BCSO documents. Vehicles roster, employee roster, 10 codes, and penal code.

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Ready to take applications for BCSO!

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If you are looking for a new server, a community being born, consider VLRP. Looking for players to appy for BCSO, and so much more.

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Applications open for LEO.

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