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(SL) GTA Vice Leaders

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(IMPORTANT) You need the GTA United 1.2


This is a Storyline made in DYOM, the objective is 75 Missions in 5 Chapters, Yeah i know, Is too long, But i want to make something really Different.



William Wallard leaves San Andreas to go to Vice City, This is due to the debts he had to his Co-workers, and also to some criminals, since this was a corrupt Police for San Andreas, in Vice City he will live with His Father Harold Wallard, And his Brother, Johan Wallard, The latter being the one who unleashes the chaos by having even more debts than Will, owing money to an entire gang, This will involve William in the Criminal world to try to have His only Family, Have a good life, and protect it from bad decisions.


Will Wallard: He is the Main Character, He has 32 years old, He was a Corrupt Police Officer, He was making Dirty Jobs in San Andreas being a Cop, So he arrives to Vice City to make a New Life...


Johan Wallard: He is Will's younger brother, He has 29 Years old, He made an exaggerated debt to a lot of people, but by borrowing from a dangerous gang, he made a serious mistake.


Seferin Lumbard: He is the leader of a Vice City band called The Shorers, Better called Lumbards Family, He help Will have a good life, but this will cost Will his reputation not only in the streets, in all of Vice City.


Harold Wallard: He is William's Father, He don't know about the Debts of his son Johan, and he is not involved in the Criminal Life, He is just a Worker man That you make a living based on earning money in honorable



Ted Royers: He is a guy who will help William to defend himself from gangs that appear.


Dixon Royers: He is Ted's Cousin, And lives in Liberty City, And works for the Leones family.


Lincon Rojas: He is a Seferin's member, Probably the best of all the members.

Zamir Maglet:He is an arabian member of the Lumbard's family.


Stephania ''Tina'' Saenz: She is a brave girl, who cares about Will, and helps him.


Official Trailer




Chapter 1, 2 and 3: Download GTA VL





Edited by ATENZ_GD
Chapter 3 Available!
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Nice, looking forward to this!


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4 hours ago, Galeb said:

Nice, looking forward to this!


Why can‘t I add you in Discord?

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Huzaifa khan

75 missions in 5 chapters is a long deal man. But good luck! And also story looks promising, I hope it'll be a great Storyline. :santa:

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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boy of the cones

Good luck on this man. :pirate:

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Posted (edited)

Third  Chapter in the same file: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/63670

15 Missions in the First chapter.

15 Missions in the Second chapter.

15 Missions in the Third chapter.


And sorry for my english. If you find any mistake, bug, or whatever, let me know in the comments on the DYOM page of GTA Vice Leaders.



Edited by ATENZ_GD
Little Notice
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I appreciate the support of the SL, It has encouraged me to go on and on with each of the missions, Perhaps you will notice the change from chapter one, to chapter three, since I have improved in some things during this, And I plan to give it a  rest, but I promise to finish it before the end of this year, I plan to complete the 75 missions.


I do not know whether to give a change to the first chapter, since it did not seem very good to me, and rather seems somewhat redundant and unremarkable.

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