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Sharing job money

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Hello! I’m new to gta as a whole and have been playing a lot of gta online. I play with a friend of mine and we often do the ceo cargo missions. When I go to sell the goods and make the final amount, I as much as it said I would while he gets around 3k to 5k. It really cuts our motivation to do missions like this knowing hardly any profit will be made for one of us. And for the first few days, the share money button was grey and could not be used. But I’ve noticed it’s available so I try to go in and it says share money from last job. So I’ll click it and it say I can share 1000 dollars. I’m just wondering, do the business cargo runs not count as jobs? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I need to make him to be eligible? And as I said I’m very new to the game. So please forgive me if there’s a simple fix and I’m just dumb. But if it helps I play on xbox.

(I feel nooby for saying this but I got the game with gamepass.)

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Sharing cash to other players can only be done after certain jobs. Most of these jobs are freemode related.


If for example I do a Sightseer job which pays $25,000 for taking 10 minutes, I will then be able to share that entire amount (if I wanted to) or a percentage to another player. Same stpry with Biker Contracts.


Like I said, its mainly focused on freeroam work, such as VIP or MC Contracts, not sales. You can also share money from robbed stores (and I think freemode events too).


At launch 6 years ago, you could share any amount... however this was abused (with all the glitched money going around) and therefore was patched to it current state.

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VIP bodyguards don't get a cut of your CEO sales because they work for securoserve who pays them 5-10k every 15min.  To pay your bodyguards do VIP work like headhunter or sightseer in between crate missions.  You can also do VIP challenges and then share the cash with them.  You can share most money made in freemode too.  Gamepass don't make you a newbie. lol

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