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Theory: The fate of the still alive San Andreas characters

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feel free to share your theories on what happened to some of the SA characters. I just thought to do this for fun and hope you enjoy the thread.


Here's my theory on what happened




July 1992 - 3 months after the final events of the San Andreas Story

- Denise and CJ's relationship ends with Denise cheating on CJ for another man. The reason for her cheating was because she was feeling lonely and desperate for the need of attention. 


Sept 92 - CJ and Sweet have this argument after what happened to Kendl. Carl tries to convince Sweet that it's time to move away from this hood life and just move on to a better life. Of course he says he'll think about it to get CJ out of his face since he's foolish enough to choose the hood life over anything else.


(See Sweet's story to find out more what happened to Carl.)



Sept 92 - Kendl ends up being in the hospital after being shot in the arm by accident by some grove street gang member with a handgun that was trying to kill Cesar in a drive by shooting while Cesar and her were out on a date. Luckily she survived the attack and was able to recover from the hospital.


(See Sweet's story to find out more what happened to Kendl.)



Late Sept 92 - A week after the incident that happened to Kendl

Cesar decides to step down as leader of the Varrios gang, since he felt bad for what happened to Kendl and wants a better life with her. The Varrios weren't too happy with it and was about to put a beating on Cesar but luckily cops arrived to the scene to break things up.


Cesar was also threatened by the Varrios gang to never show up around their turf again or he's dead. The new leader of the Varrios is unknown but dies in the line of fire when certain gangs come back to LS to take back their gang territories.


(See Sweet's story to find out more what happened to Cesar and see the gangs section on what happens to the Varrios gang.)



Mid Jan 93 - While CJ, Kendl and Cesar leave Los Santos to move to LV, Sweet lies to them about moving on with them and decides to stay behind to defend his hood since that's the only thing he really cares about. He was killed alongside with his grove street friends after having shootouts with Vagos and Ballas. A funeral for sweet takes place a few days later outside of LS somewhere.


March 93 - Carl, Kendl and Cesar stay in LV as the years go on and get some good job opportunities as well in Las Venturas. All three of their fates are unknown as the year 95 rolls around. 



After the events of the game, he resides in Las Venturas to continue running his casino, Four Dragons  with his triad men and friend, Ran Fa LI (co - leader of the triads). Woozie ended up never going back to San Fierro since the triads were in turf wars with the Da Nang Boys gang and wanted to avoid the chaos. Fates for Woozie and Ran are unknown after the events that happened between 92-94.


Kent Paul and Maccer

Late 92 - They continue helping out this musical band called the Gurning Chimps in Las Venturas, which were still active since 98, since they were mentioned on the radio on LCS. Their fates are unknown after 98.


Mike Toreno

After the events of the game, since he does not have CJ to do his dirty work anymore, he decides to do some dirty work himself. Sometime in 93, he was killed in a jet explosion. Since he was not flying below the radar near the verdant meadows area, area 69 shot his ass down.


The Truth

After the events of the game, he lives his life at some marijuana farm in the countryside and deciding to make money off it instead of getting high on his own supply. His fate is unknown at this point.


Denise Robinson

Feb 93 - Killed in a drive by alongside with her boyfriend as they were on a date and performing drive bys at the varrios gang, both were gunned down in their car and surely no f**ks were given that day.


B-Dup and Barry "Big Bear" Thorne

March of 93 - Killed in a Arson fire while high on drugs, the cause of the fire was unknown (I couldn't think of what to do with these guys so I gave them some silly way to die.)


Jethro and Dwaine

1992 to 1994 - Continues to live the rest of their lives in San Fierro to continue on making money on repairing broken cars at the Doherty car garage. When 95 came around, their fates are unknown.



After the events of the game, he decides to lay low in LV for awhile until Berkeley stops bothering him.

Late Nov 92 - he finds out Berkeley was apprehended in SF after plotting to blow up Zero's RC shop with himself in it. Thanks to some anonymous tip to track down Berkeley, Zero was able to move back to SF and continue to run his RC shop business. His fate is unknown at this point.


OG Loc

May 93 - After doing poorly at some rap battle contest near the vinewood area and pissing off the crowd, for saying stuff he shouldn't be saying. He was jumped in some alley as he was walking through after the show by three unknown men with baseball bats and was beaten to death. After the tragedy, the reason for this attack was confirmed and it was because he stole someone else's rhyme book and actually paid the price for it this time.



Sometime in 94, makes one more album which didn't have good reviews, so he decides to retire from being a rapper and help other upcoming rap artists. His fate is unknown at this point.


The Gangs


Jan 93 - Ballas and Vagos return to LS and having a gang war with GSF and Varrios, which the Varrios gang dies out first and just vanishes by April of 93. The war between the surviving LS gangs have been at war for many years and at this point I highly doubt they will ever find peace with eachother.


The gangs of SF - Triads have gang wars with Da Nang Boys and succeeded to wipe all of them out of SF, thanks with the help of the Rifa gang. After the war, Triads remain in their chinatown area in SF and The Rifa stay in the Doherty area which is their main turf. The fates of both gangs are unknown at this point.


(Just to say this took alot of time to write up, if you see any mistakes or confused about something, let me know and I'll fix it.)


GTA 3 thread is coming soon, here's the Vice City thread if you want to check it out, 


Edited by wweraw526
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Kendl decided to lay low after the enevents of San Andreas took place, by 1995 she decided to open a shop where she sold crafted items, eventually making enough of a name for herself to become a respected artist around Los Santos. In 1999 she created her most famous art piece, comprised of a candle stick, carefully crafted to bend a metal rod, which was then hung on the ceiling. With the wind movements of the exhibition place, it started slowly and smoothly rocking from side to side, apparently hypnotizinf the atendees and highlighting the beauty of her artwork. A prominant figure on the artistic world evaluated her artwork to be worth around $1.200.000 which attracted the attention of investors and art collectors, which resulted on the artwork being auctioned off to a buyer in Vice City for over double the price. However, Kendl's luck wouldn't last, In 2002, an investigative journalist discovered that her brother, CJ, was the mastermind on a scheme that involved threatning the art evaluator so he valued Kendl's art piece way more than its intended price of $12. This led to a huge comotion in the artistic world, and the case has been nicknamed the Kendl Candle Handle Mangle Bingle Dandle Swindle.

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