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Cutscene interference

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Before people accuse me of moaning - I have to say, I love this game to bits.  I love just riding around admiring the scenery, weather, the lighting. I could do that for hours without ever touching a mission.  Or just go hunting.

The online version is buggy as heck (constant disconnects, camps disappearing etc), but it still keeps calling me back.

And the Story side is awesome!  Very immersive.


Cutscenes kinda kill things as I've noticed... I'd caught and tamed a horse, well, was in the process of bonding with it, was up to level 3 and to further bonding I was using it during a mission - then there was a cut scene, the cutscene displayed me on my main horse, and when it was finished, my tamed horse was gone, along with all the work it took to get it that far, and I was left sitting on my main horse... grrrr - another time I had to capture a wagon - which i did, then there was a cutscene, after the cutscene the wagon was gone... grrr

It's happened several other times too, where I'd been working on something, and a cutscene caused me to lose whatever it was I was working on.


Anyone else had this happen?


Also - one irritating aspect of the game is, you get labled as a criminal for the silliest things, bump into someone, you get reported for disturbing the peace or assault. More than once standing next to a corpse which I'd just discovered and someone rode past, reported it, then I was wanted for murder... And you have no way of defending yourself.

Once I helped a guy who was getting shot up by bandits demanding protection money.  Killed the bandits for him and saved his sorry butt.  Then I walk towards him to talk, or see if I could talk to him, and I get done for Trespassing, and while that's causing alarm bells to go off everywhere, someone sees the bodies and yes, I'm a wanted murderer again with a price on my head.

Another time I was riding along a road in the woods, a wagon came towards me from the opposite direction. It was full of bandits, they started shooting, so I shot back in self defense. I survived.  Someone rode past - wanted for murder again, only, this time the law was on the scene so fast they ripped me to shreds in a gunfight that would have made the shootout at the O.K. Corral look like a kids picnic. I didn't survive the law.

Most of the so called crimes are circumstantial at best, flimsy and without evidence.  And no way you could say 'Hey, I saved that ungrateful B'stards life as he was being attacked, why am I being done for murder?'

I swear - next time someone calls for help I'ma let them rot, heck, I might even help the bandits kill them...

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