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Newbies have no chance!

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1 hour ago, Neuling2000 said:

But the payout of Rooftop Rumble was nerfed before the time based payouts were introduced. I can't remember getting 25k from the mission. I got only 18750$ when I started my grinding after R* announced the possibility of buying a second apartment. 

Btw in December 2013 I was a billionaire. I didn't play missions at that time.

Yeah, I know. 25k is from the period before December '13, definitely. Can t be arsed to dig patch notes to pinpoint the exact date. However, right now payout when it's done right is 1/2 and enemies are 2x, that was my point. Yeah, some missions were paying like 2k back in original Gerald day (don't ask me the is a Gerald though), but the introduction of communism still sucks. 

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On 1/18/2020 at 3:55 AM, DPRK said:

ooooh, fresh newbies being limited and at a disadvantage at the beginning of their GTA Online life... Oooh, newbies having to actually learn how to play the game and discover through trial and error what works and doesn't for making money and surviving! How terrible that R* forces newbies to learn the ropes. Yep unacceptable. Oh yeah, but no problem cuz the best thing you guys can recommend is to start glitching! Why stop there? If you're gonna play the game illegitimately, better not do it half-assed. You might as well get rid of the red anti-mod/cheating banner at the top of the website and just encourage it all. 

Cool story

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