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I can't level up my Health bar.

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My healtyh bar can't level up at all. When i created my character i gave him 2 extra points to the health so i started with level 7 and 300/700 points. I trow lasso on horses, fight with random peoples, rowing boats, Killing people woth bow and throwing knifes and nothing.

Not even one point go up. I still have 300/700 level 7. Stamina and dead eye going up easly but not heath. I'm doing something wrong or it is some kind of glitch?


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Fishing is the best way to level health, using the bow also works

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Posted (edited)

Go fishing, lots of fishing.


Go swimming for stamina.

Edited by Bi9Daddy68

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Posted (edited)

I can't fish jet because i have level 11. fishing is from 14? i have bow and i killed animals and random NPC's and i still didn't get even one point. For each kill i should get 5 points?

Edited by teter8

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Posted (edited)

How are you measuring your points? If you are referencing an increase in the health ring, it takes a lot of points to see a level increase.


Back in beta, the game would display the number of points earned for various activities. Now it just shows a + and an icon indicating which stats has been increased, but without any numerical value. I leveled up my health shortly after I got the fishing rod, but this is the pattern I currently see for horse bonding. Fortunately for the horses there's a numerical stat of the progression listed under Pause, Player, Horse, Bonding, but I can't find a similar stat for health. Maybe it's missing because I've finished.


Added: Re-reading your comments, it looks like you've got a good measure. This definitely seems buggy. Do you see +HeathIcons when completing heath activities like you would for stamina, deadeye or bonding? 

Edited by OrionSR

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I took a boat and i row from Blackwater to Rhodes back and forth. One trip got me +20 health but that takes like 10 min. of rowing no stop. Boats can  handle only one and a half of trip till will sink, then i endup in water and die. When i use bow no health point at all.

Even if i will kill ten animals or NPC's in a row. I don't believe that it take so long to get +20 health by rowing. i already have level 10 for stamina for just runing

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