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Are Bounties missable? Ellie Anne Swan

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Howdy all, I just completed chapter 2 but forgot to complete the Valentine Ellie bounty. Since the last mission in chapter 2 and the first 2 missions in chapter 3, that bounty has been missing. I completed the strawberry and st denis bounties at the beginning of chapter 3 and played 2 missions in chapter 3 but still can’t get it to pop back up. Any one have an idea if it will pop back up?

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That bounty can be done as John.

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Cutter De Blanc

I did the Ellie Anne Swan as Arthur, but I havent done any in Saint Denis,  I have no bounties available,  and I've only done 3 so far. I'm in chapter 6.


I think it might be buggy

Edited by Cutter De Blanc

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Don't worry guys, the bounty missions will be available later. Some bounty missions are not available during some chapter including if you have a bounty on your head in that region, which need to be cleared (+ some waiting time) until it shows up again. Please also note that some "dead or alive" bounties cannot be cleared as part of the story line.

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A bit late, but I have direct feedback for this. I missed the Ellie bounty before completing chapter 2 as well and her poster disappeared after starting chapter 3. 


However, it eventually reappeared after some missions. The first I noticed the poster appeared on the map was after I completed the side mission line "He's British of Course" which became available after doing the optional homestead robbery with Sean.

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I'm 90% sure bounties are not missable.

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