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Westside Warfare

Special miracle tonic pamphlet

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Westside Warfare

Haw can you craft this tonic?  On pc this pamphlet is glitched and even after reading you cannot craft it...  is there any way to get around this?

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It is not glitched or bugged on pc actually. It just follows "Rockstars logic". I found out that the reason why recipe does not show up under Tonics in crafting menu was that my stachel was full of max number of special miracle tonics found via collecting (10 of 10). I used one of them and after that crafting menu shows the recipe from read pamphlet just fine. To sum up, pamphlets only seem glitched because and when you don't have free space in stachel for item you intend to craft. Meaning that collecting and crafting share the same max amount allowed. Why it is built as total no-show in case of full stachel is still weird. Normal logic would suggest showing it with the message of reason why you can't craft it, but I guess they saw it as minigame of "figure it out yourself"  

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if you would actually read what's on  your screen while crafting you would know that you can also click the option for showing all items/crafting possibilities an not only those which you can craft at that particular moment.


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Yes, when you choose Show All it kinda does give reason why not craftable on line at the bottom of crafting menu. It is a matter of taste if Show All could be default view instead of Show Craftable as it is now, because initially empty menu seems to confuse players.

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