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RDR2: I have a question about alligators

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Howdy fellow Rians.


I've got a quick question about alligators. In several different time periods since I first got RDR2, most recently being yesterday online, there have been times where I've been indiscriminately just slaughtering alligators for no good reason. Yesterday for example, I was doing a freemode mission for the man in Lagras where he wanted me to kill and skin a specific alligator living further south. My "strategy", if you wanna call it that, was to first find the clue causing the big target gator to spawn. When I was nearing the area where I had to investigate a noise, which was in some thick brush which could be hiding a gator, I decided not to tread lightly and just start exterminating every gator in the vicinity with single shots to the head. After killing about 6 gators, I was immediately mauled to near-death by a gator that seemed to have spawned right behind me. It specifically had glowing eyes, unlike the other gators I noticed in the environment. After surviving the initial lunge from this glowing eyed gator, I ran across the entire swamp to the other side and the gator was no longer behind me. When I stopped, I turned and aimed down the sight, but before I could snipe another gator, a second glowing eyed gator suddenly finished me off.


I can't tell if this is an intentional feature to discourage players from massacring slow moving large animals, or if I'm tripping on some coincidence and simply not paying attention to gators running up on me. I was wondering if any other players have had similar experiences in story mode or online.

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Never had it happen in story mode here. But I'm only in chapter two.

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