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[PS4] MVPA Recruitment

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Honor, Respect and Commitment are the core values of the MVPA and defines what it means to be apart of the crew. Our aim is simply to obtain power and control over a plethora of different aspects of GTA online. Dominance within financial gains and assets in addition to militaristic superiority are paramount fundamentals of the MVPA, as we constantly strive to evolve and adapt in order to become the most powerful members on GTA Online.

Although heavily interconnected, there are two main aspects of MVPA: The financial and Military aspects. Income and wealth are two large components of power within GTA online allowing those who obtain it a major advantage in gaining assets and control. Whether it is passive forms of income or more active forms of gaining money, MVPA members will be required to aid their comrades in their respective financial ventures, as we grow and develop together. This Power over wealth will be essential in aiding the second aspect of MVPA operations, the military aspect. A major part of MVPA operations revolve around controlling free mode lobbies through militaristic strategies and combat. Ground units and Air support are vital in gaining power through these hostile takeovers, in which members will be required to follow orders and execute them with prolific efficiency. MVPA has always prided itself in acquiring world class combat forces in GTA Online in order to enforce our will and power.

The visions and aspirations of the MVPA are vast and outstanding, but rely on the foundations and actions of its personnel. Together we are comrades and together we are strong, and thus following the rules and regulations of MVPA are essential in reaching our common goal. In the end it must be remembered that “We are the MVPA, we are the best of few.”

The Crew's activities mainly revolve around two key aspects: Financial and Militaristic gain. As stated previously those interested in financial ventures (such as CEO work, Heists, MC Work etc.) will be aided by the crew, who will provide support in building up these empires as members will help in completing these missions and objectives in order to increase our respective wealth and incomes. Closely linked to this is the militaristic aspect of the crew, in which members of the crew are assigned to different squads, who are thus applied missions and objectives within Free mode - with the ultimate aim to gain power and control over GTA Online sessions through forcing a hostile takeover. MVPA more simply also allows for a shared community to be created as members are free to enjoy the number of leisure's of GTA online and other games with new found friends who share common interests and goals.

- Infantry personnel able to lead squads but also follow orders and complete objectives
- Pilots (mainly PvP orientated)
- Wealthy individuals keen on improving their own assets and status, whilst aiding those around them

- Maturity
- Ability to communicate within parties with other members
- Relatively active on GTA Online
- Ability to follow orders and act with efficiency
- Relative experience within GTA Online

- If you are interested in joining MVPA please leave your PSN in your comment
- (Or) Message me on PSN for a quicker response and process of recruiting. My PSN: Harris_lfc01

- Social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mvp_army_crew_/wall

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