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Project COLORS (AKA the tale of the nonexistent GTA clone)


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After a long absence, I'm finally back with what is probably my biggest dream project to date:



The year is 2022. Richard Herczog, a 19 year old man who lives with his parents in the quiet town of Greensboro is about to face the biggest, most depressing turn of events he's had in his life: his mother leaving him and his father for another man. What happens upon this discovery is a downturn spiral, wherein Richard gets involved in everything corrupt and criminal, from police work to the mafia, all so his remaining parent can keep a happy life. But will this be enough to grant HIM a happy life? As the saying goes, crime does not pay...



COLORS is a 2022 open world crime-oriented tactical shooter released by HYDRUX GAMES. The game is similar to Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series in that it features a wide open sandbox, where players can perform many legal and not-so-legal actions in the world.

Taking place in a parody of Hungary's Pest Megye ("Capital County"), the game features two big cities: Greensboro (Pilisvörösvár), its surrounding villages, and Capital City (Budapest).

The game also naturally includes fake versions of European vehicles, such as the Scout ExtraD (Skoda Superb) or the Einheitkutchse Süßig (Volkswagen Caddy).



Vehicles: Valiant (Volvo), Scout (Skoda), Einheitkutchse (Volkswagen), Rump (Ford), Majestic (Mercedes Benz), Runner (Renault), Braco (Iveco), FAG (DAF), Swift (Scania), CHIQ (MAN), GFN (BMW), Trundl (Rolls Royce), Rubisento (Suzuki), Davenport (SEAT), Pygmy (Mini), Bronco (Porsche), Throb (Smart), Felis (Peugeot), Bolt (Opel), Prosy (FIAT), Romero (Alfa Romeo), Malkin (Jaguar), RULE (Audi)


Weapons: Pistol (Danuvia VD-01), .50 (Desert Eagle), Knife, Baseball Bat, Chainsaw, Machine Pistol (MP9), SMG (MP5), Pump Shotgun (Remington Model 887), Combat Shotgun (Akdal MKA 1919), Assault Rifle (AK-63), Heavy Rifle (MCIWS), Sniper Rifle (Tikka T3), RPG, Grenade, Molotv Cocktail, Programmable AR (Mk 47 Striker)



Richard Herczog: The player character. Richard is a 19 year old college dropout who lived with his parents in Greensboro. He has severe mood swings, and thus got an addiction to alcohol. A punk at heart, Richard usually dresses in dark leather clothing. While he's an overall negative person and hates most things, he has a soft spot for animals, and works part-time at a dog shelter.

John Herczog: An army veteran, John is the father of Richard and was the husband of Melinda. His strenght and tatoos hide a kind heart.

Melinda Herczog: The mother of Richard and the former wife of John, Melinda is a hot headed, violent women. She always carries around her shotgun, and doesn't hesitate to use it if anyone angers her. She no longer lives with her family, instead is with her new husband, Márton. Her betrayal of Richard and John is the driving point of the plot.



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I just like how most of the vehicle names come from euro truck simulator 

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Bronco is for Porsche? Ew. Ugly name for a beautiful brand. I'd name y'know something German.

Fischer (fisherman), or Wische (meadow), or even Fuchs (fox).

Edited by Yinepi
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Big Fat Paulie

I have to admit, I do find the idea of a concept thread for a GTA clone to be actually kind of interesting. I will definitely keep an eye on this.


Hell, I wouldn't mind if we saw more unique concept threads for stuff like GTA clone concepts or concepts set in the old 3D Universe.

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