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What enb series is

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Posted (edited)

Hello, I am new here and I greatly and greatly admire the modifications for GTA and those who create them since it is not an easy task to develop them

That is why I would like to know that ENB SERIES is the one that you will see next and what settings you have so that it is as beautiful and clean as the photo I will place.

(Photos by @Marty Mcfly)








I know the author is one of all the modding masters veteran Marty Mcfly. I would like to know if these Marty Mcfly graphics are free or private if they are free. I would like to know what type of ENB SERIES it is and what settings it has. Thanks for your attention.


My language is Spanish and I used the translator to make this publication.
Thanks and regards

Edited by Jethro.

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Posted (edited)

I'll respond in simple English for easy translation.


It would be best if you can contact Marty, because he can send you the mod names. I will list below the mods that I recognise, you can search Google for them.


I can see that he is using multiple mods. ENB Series only changes the colours of the screen (for example adds shadows and reflections).


The realistic lights is 2dfx mod (I think). Or you can search for timecyc mods, there are more available.


The sky mod is skybox I think.


The realistic trees and textures is another mod. I don't know the name for it.

Edited by Lioshenka
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Thank you for your help I will follow your advice and try to contact marty mcfly I hope I can answer all kinds of help is welcome greetings and thanks again.

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