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Adding new weapons to ammunation

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I have a problem, I make my own modification that adds weapons to GTA SA, everything works but I don't know how to add them to ammunation. Can somebody help me?

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That's really hard man, i'm trying to do that too, and we need to modify main.scm and add text, thing is very difficult

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It requires to know the weapon number (number of first columne of Sanny Help >GTA SA > Weapon numbers)

I'm not interessted in adding weapons to gtasa, i just made mods to change flowers into grenadelauncher and others

so i don't know how to get the weapon number



How to add a section for more more weapon to ammunation menue, I already showed it more times


Copy this script at pastebin

It's a stripped main.scm that contains only the ammunation extern script and the the Intman starter thread

You can copy the hole script and compile it as main.scm and script.img and test it or make further modifications

Or copy only the ammunation extern script to overwrite the the ammunation extern script of your main.scm


You need to start a new game


The modification adds a menue button and the menue for heavy weapons (minigun, rocketlauncher, flame)


I marked the modifications with this comment:



Compare the script with the original ammunation script to understand the modification

It needs to change model ids and weapon numbers to make it compatible for your weapon

and also the text entries for buttons if you want


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Ok, Thanks for help, I will test it tomorrow

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