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IMPORTANT for realism


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I believe that there should be some realism incorporations that would really help GTA V.

There are some mods that really get the job done, and of course you already need to install a combination of mods that would need to get anywhere close to realism accomplished in the current gameplay.


-Peds react to you crashing into their car. (They don't just flip you off and drive away, they get out and whoop your ass. OR EVEN BETTER: Get out of their car stationary and start arguing with you, and/or call the police. [Additional arguing dialogue or VOX placement required]

-No hud showing up when switching weapons (When HUD and/or Radar disabled)

-Weapon and ammo carrying limit (Feature accompanied with a new hud of only 2 weapons [like an assault rifle and pistol] and a melee weapon)

-Police don't shoot at you for doing minor crimes.

-When you kill a lone police officer, the whole police force doesn't know right away and come after you.

-Airbag implementations with physics. Not sure how it would work if you hijack a car with the airbag already deployed. (Difficult, but realistic!)


There were a few really good mods that NEARLY touched on these issues, like:

Stealth Fix by State_of_Mind (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/stealth-fix) - Allows you to kill peds without causing police attention unless witnessed.

Ah! A Criminal! Mod 1.0 by mrgaboofox (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/ah-a-criminal-mod) - Peds run away when you draw your gun/weapon.

Civilians Won't Leave Their Cars Anymore by ycdubs (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/civilians-won-t-leave-cars-anymore) - Peds drive away instead of leaving their car behind.


2 important mods to be made in order to make realism better:


1. In GTA IV, peds get angry when you crash into their car with your car. They would fight you and I'm sure some would shoot at you. In GTA V, they just flip you off and drive away while cussing/or even get scared and drive away.

Mod Solution:
There should be a mod that when you crash into a car with your car, they get out and fight you, shoot you, or get out and call the cops without running away from their car. There could be a policeman that comes and you have to pay a fine, then the person you crashed into and the policeman drive away. Also, there should be more drivers that fight you if you punch their car on foot.

2. The police shoot you when you commit non-violent crimes. In the vanilla version, in the very beginning, Franklin gets shot at (2 Stars!) "for speeding" and I believe this is extremely uncalled for/unrealistic.


Mod Solution:

Although there may be a fix in recent 'GTA Realism' updates, there should definitely be a non-lethal crime system, where police will chase you and not shoot at you unless you shoot at them. They especially should not shoot at you even if you kill someone and they are called, you should be "talked down" or negotiated, and only shot at if you shoot at them.

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Are you just making requests? There are mods that do this for ya.


For the police aggressiveness scaling, Daimian's update to Eddlm's Better Chases and Arrest Warrants achieves exactly that - police response isn't lethal until you start shooting cops.


For general traffic law stuff, Pull Me Over can be used.


In V, aggressive peds do get angry at you and try to melee fight you. Not sure how this is distributed, but I'm sure you can tweak it in the ped behaviour stuff.



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