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Dark Spark

Are the Special fishing lures indestructible?

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Dark Spark

The current game pass will reward you with two each of the Special Lake Lure, Special River Lure, and Special Swamp Lure.


You can carry only one example of each, however,  and as far as I've tried I cannot lose a Special lure either by cutting the line or deliberately reeling upon a fighting fish to break the line. Do the Special lures have an absurdly low chance to be lost, or are they permanent additions to your fishing kit (and if so, why gift us with two then)?

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Good question. I've never lost one.

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Back in beta I bought a Special Spinner from a shop before picking up the one I bought from the catalog so I've had the extra spinner stuck in my delivery box for a very long time. I have been unable to find a way to lose a Special Spinner so the extra appears to be permanently stuck. Now I've got Special Lures stuck in the delivery box as well. 


I agree. It looks like someone didn't think this one through.

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Supposedly you can lose them if the line breaks. I've never had it happen, though.

Edited by FuturePastNow
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Ah, yes nor have I.


So I keep getting more, from stuff ;) , but never lose any.


I actually LIKE fishing; I like when the daily is to catch five different ones, it makes me think.


I just wish it was more a part of stuff like trader, since it is one of the few things that seems unaffected by "too many players.' You can see no animals, but

still catch fish.

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