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Final Thoughts

Scion Dracos

Recommended Posts

Scion Dracos

So I cannot bring myself to continue subjecting myself to what is a continuous exercise in frustration. I have not finished the game and I do not expect to. Every single time that I've tried to play this game, regardless of control setup, there is some headache to deal with. 
Using a controller in third person forces Arthur to either walk infuriatingly slowly or sprint with no gray area between the two. The contextual controls are such a nightmare to navigate that I am constantly getting the wrong outcome. 

Using a controller in first person causes the game to auto center the camera every time I urge my horse forward, causing me to either constantly fight with the camera or switch to another camera angle. 
Mouse and Keyboard seem to be the best solution except regulating my horse's speed with a keyboard is impossible. It's dash and stop, dash and stop, dash and stop... and I've tried both setups; default and tap and hold. 

So, yeah, gorgeous world. Looks like a really engaging story and lots of content... that I will not get to explore because the controls are simply maddening. Maybe I'll try again in a few months but I doubt it. I sincerely hope the next game doesn't require such convoluted efforts to communicate with the avatar... cos otherwise I'm not buying. Of course, I'm not really one of your target customers anymore anyway, am I? I've no use for any kind of ONLINE version of RDR2 and will never purchase anything from micro-transactions so, meh, what do I matter? 

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I can't tell what playing with a controller on PC feels like, but what I can say is that the controls of RDR2 on console does feel a clumsy and lazy - let's say awkward, compared to GTA V. It definitely bugged me a lot the first few hours of playing, because I didn't feel like I had total control of Arthur. It did take some time getting used to, but getting used to the controls doesn't mean it is still unnoticeable. To this day, I feel like an easy target in RDO because of the controls.


I guess what I want to say, is that playing this game requires a cigarette and a cup of coffee, while accepting the fact that one must find a compromise between the lousy controls and the overall experience of the game. Easy to say, the map, narrative and content that the game provides definitely overweights the controls, so maybe it's about moving the frustration to the left for a bit and give it another go?

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Meanwhile I love the controls and how much weight is in Arthur's movement. I played through the game twice on PS4 and am currently on my third run on PC and never really had any issues with the movement but I pretty much exclusively play in the third person mode. I will say that horse movement was definitely a bit awkward at first using KB&M but now I have gotten the hang of it.


For sure have seen many complaints about the movement throughout the internet so I hope Rockstar can make something that will please more people next game, but for me the slow movement seems to fit Arthur as he is muscle of the gang who tries not to think much about his actions till later in the story.

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Scion Dracos

Hey all. 
I did, in fact, give it another go... and I've been having a lot of fun. It's what you said @paperbagdude, I just had to take a step back, accept the game on its terms and have an experience. And it is a hell of a well done story and world, although considering that it represents states I'd have liked even more map, but that's neither here nor there. My biggest gripe is still getting locked into an animation or a crafting menu. Accidentally getting into the back of a carriage during a gunfight when you meant to hop and drive it away is just about the most maddening thing I can imagine cos there is no getting out of it... and by "it" I mean the whole cycle and sequence of animations, including Arthur closing the door behind him, while I'm hammering away at every input I've got in a frenzy trying to get him the hell back out of that coach. But once I accept the quirky controls and the lighting glitches and the hiccupy, stuttery performance... it's actually a lot of fun and one of the best written video games around, which goes a looooong way imo. 

But anyway, aye, it is what it is. 


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RDR2 is the first and the only Rockstar game I have finished 100%, it's juts that good. In fact, it's a masterpiece.


I'm a huge R* games fan and I have never completed any of their games before. But to be honest, if I had to choose one game from their library to have fun with or in other words, pick up and play, it wouldn't be RDR2, as good as it is, the Grand Theft Auto series beats it hands down, no offense. It's just more fun overall imo. I still play GTA V and IV now and again and I can't wait for GTA VI

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I find the controls ok, even if sometime, going through the overlay menu for the horse or gun is too much buttons to press. 

I'd have complain about other things before the controls such as the horse physics and the overall performance of the game on my machine. 


I always play on controller, mostly because it is analog, but also because I like the relax and not be hands on the k&m.

the long press for almost any action, followed by the animation, that was hard to deal with towards the end of the story, I had already seen too much of it. 

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