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disable prostitutes / strippers


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Hello, new to GTA and also this forum. I started playing GTA V a few weeks ago (mainly ONLINE mode only), and I want to know if there is an existing mod, or a way to change the coding to disable interactions with prostitutes and strippers. Yes, before anyone says anything, I know very well that this is a "mature" game, but I have my own reasons for wanting to do this, so if you can help, please let me know, and if you are only here to make sarcastic comments, I would ask that you just find another topic to reply to.


I know very little about coding, but it appears that it might be possible to do this a few different ways...1. disable player/prostitute interaction menu, which would, while not eliminating them from the game, would make it impossible to interact with them. 2. change the time when they are "available", reduce this to the smallest possible time window (even zero if that can be done), which would simply keep them from even appearing at all. 3. delete them from the files completely so they don't exist.


The strip club might be a different sort of problem but could maybe be solved the same way, with the addition of eliminating access to the club. I understand that the club is part of the single-player storyline, but as I mentioned, I mainly only use Online mode so It won't matter to me.


Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Short answer: No

Longer answer: You are playing GTA Online. Check the heading of this site and Rockstar's terms of service to figure out that any kind of modding is not allowed on GTA Online.

If any unexpected or tampered file is detected in your game while joining Online, the automated anti-cheat system will likely issue you a ban.


Perhaps you can find some mod on modded multiplayer communities (such as FiveM) which operate their own independent servers outside of Rockstar's network.

Edited by bobgrey1997
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Usually there are mods for the exact same thing. like turning everyone in a prostitue XD 
I understand your concern. Probably because a son playing. Fear of temptation, religion belives, etc, but just for curious, whats your reason? 

But yeah, unfortunatelly there is no way to do it in Online as said before, you cant mod on the online mode. 

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