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Jacob's Ladder 2019 remake


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yeah i'm sorry for posting late but i recently have seen about the remake of the psychological horror film/movie Jacob's Ladder, the original was released in 1990. (lock this if a topic already exists)



well, it definitely doesn't look better than the original (the remake received more negative reviews)


what do you think about it? is it good as the original or it's another bad movie?

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I liked the original way better, and I'm tired of Hollywood remaking film's that don't need remaking, I remember this being out around the same time as  Body Parts (1991) and renting them together  along with House (1985) and watching all three in one night together back when VHF tapes where rented

Edited by Craigsters
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i know. Jacob's Ladder (the original) is way better than the 2019 remake. i don't know why would they remake it - it literally ended up with negative reviews. the original was way better than the remake

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Mr. Galloway

I'm not a fan of remakes, especially remakes of movies that are already good to begin with; well, in this case, decent. Total Recall, Robocop, and Point Break are better examples of what I mean.

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  • 1 year later...

og jacobs ladder was a mindf*ck, awesome movie. i heard about this but never realized it even came out. might check it out some time

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