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Not able to even start moonshining path/trade


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I have met the old moonshiner lady with Cripps, but I was not able to choose a bootleg location, where never a map or anything showing up. At the time I did not have 25 gold so I thought it was because of this and thought I could start the bootlegger career later. Now when I do have 25 gold I try to start the moonshine career from the benefits menu, but I end up in a infinite loading screen and nothing happens, I have to restart the game manually to get out of it.

I know the moonshine patch have brought a lot of issues with the moonshine part, but not sure I have seen somewhere that player hare not able to start the career? I have seen a lot of problems with the missions themselves.


Anyways anyone experienced the same thing or have a solution for me, or do I just have to wait Rockstar to fix this?



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  • 4 weeks later...

Have the same issue, dont have enough gold so I thoughts that was the issue...now seing your post i dont have much to look forward too:(

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On 1/21/2020 at 12:32 AM, McGraw said:

Can you not press L or dpad left and set up like you do with a camp?


that’s how I did it 


Tought they where shacks around the map that we go to and then purchase? I met with Maggie and after nothing happened, no marked locations on the map, ill try pressing L next time i log on.... Confused, also i dont see any moonshiner role in startup screen, bounty Hunter is also dissapeared from startup screen.... 

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