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[VC] Fixed Xbox Vehicles


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  • 2 months later...
John Gta sa
On 4/15/2020 at 1:02 AM, MrFinger said:

New periodical update is here. First of all, @Ash_735 decided to improve some of the body textures. Unfortunately, due to his extremely limited time, it's very doubt he will continue doing them. Scratches and broken glass textures were improved aswell and they were applied for all cars.


Some pics comparing original Xbox and Ash's and list of cars with new body textures:

  Reveal hidden contents











List: Admiral, Baggage, Banshee, Barracks, Benson, Bobcat, Cheetah, Enforcer, FBI Rancher and Washington, Greenwood, Hermes, Idaho, Infernus, Linerunner, Marquis, Maverick/VCN and Police Mav, Mesa, Moonbeam, Mule, Packer, Patriot, Perennial, Phoenix, Pony, Regina, Rhino, Rumpo, Sabre, Skimmer, Spandex, Top Fun, Trashmaster, Virgo, Voodoo, Walton and Washington.

All wheels - Added texture from the inside, like in III Xbox.

  Reveal hidden contents


Blista Compact - Added curtains on the trunk, like in VCS.

  Hide contents


Bus - Taken model from III Xbox.

  Hide contents



Oceanic, Glendale and Patriot - Added HQ lights, badges, bumpers and mirrors.

  Reveal hidden contents





Perennial - Added model from III Xbox as optional.

  Hide contents


Burrito, Gang Burrito, Rumpo and Top Fun - Added boxes at the back as an extras.

  Hide contents


Pony - Added boxes at the back as an extras and added ads on the sides, like in the beta.

  Reveal hidden contents


All RC's - Fixed crash upon entering them and RC Bandit received model from III Xbox.

  Hide contents


Walton - Added extras at the back.

  Hide contents


Stinger - Fixed red turn signals and lights glass.

  Reveal hidden contents


Baggage - Added more details (engine(thus hood), bars, extras) and HQ sterring wheel.

  Reveal hidden contents



Caddy - Fixed disconnected wheels by adding some kind of pipe.

  Reveal hidden contents


Cheetah and Vice Cheetah - Added handles and removed fake shadows reflections.

  Reveal hidden contents


Bloodring Banger B - Added exhaust.


Link in OP. III Fixed Xbox Vehs will receive an update aswell.

So can you make xbox beta car style?

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