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PS4 Grinding Crew [DICE Operations]

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Welcome to the DICE Operations

“Gamble your chance on us, dead or alive”


This post will tell you who we are, what we do and how to join us.


About Us:

• We are a dedicated, democratically PS4-based grinding crew.

• We offers variety of roles which you can select, even if you have no experiences we will teach you!

• DICE Operations was founded to maximize our employees' benefits and supports to those who needs assistance to claiming our incomes.


Upon joining our crew, you will be shown the basics of improving your grinding, combat and play-style.


What we do:

• Our team of Special-Forces skills mercenary will be deployed to help our employees to supplying their businesses and defend your products while selling.

• Our team of veteran advisers will get our newcomers up to speed and give the best chance to maximize your businesses' profits.

• Our team of administration will be there to aid our employees' benefits and peacekeeping our crew.

• We offer variety of chances for our newcomers to enhance the experience of grinding to its full potential.

• We offer support in heists, MC businesses, CEO businesses and variety of your source of income.


How it works:

• Your assistance, respects and lots of income will guarantee you that you will skyrocket through our hierarchy.

• We take our members' opinions and suggestions very seriously, and consider them through the use of polls and general voting.

• Your actions will give you reputation that will presents our crew's actions.

• Your request will allow you choosing our variety of bodies to assist you in your various businesses.



We communicate via Discord and/or in-game.

We provide variety of Discord channels for you to socialise and interacts differently, for if you wish to mess around or focus on some serious grinding.

• NOTICE: Mics aren't required to communicate. If you wish to use mics, you will have to join our communications channels.


Interested? Please check out the details below:

• Communications: https://discord.gg/KqTdSz5

• Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dice_operations


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