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Between the PC release and the Moonshine update, this game ran flawless, without any major issue. Albeit the occasional stuttering around city or towns, I fully enjoyed the story line on marathon sessions of 12+ hrs at a time running without fault, and not rebooting for several days at a time. Now post Moonshine, it crashes on the slightest jitter, loading screen, dying to animals gators/bears, and at random but not exceeding more than 15 minutes of game time. It crashes in safe mode, and in reduced GFX settings.


Absolutely nothing changed on my end other than the Moonshine patch, all of my drivers are up to date. It is not just a game freeze, crash to desktop but now causing my PC to force reboot. My system specs are old but within the minimum requirements, and in the aforementioned, all of my problems have been after the recent update.



ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z

16 GB DDR3 2400

RX 480

Windows 7 64bit


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Checked your GPU temperatures at all? Had a similar issue at one stage and found it was because my GPU fans were not working correctly causing it to overheat, which resulted in flickering/crashing and poor frame rates.

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True, they f'd something up with moonshiners. Happens that when I load into sp I get just a blackscreen, I hear all the game sounds but no image. So I have to ALT + F4, start up again, then run a benchmark test in-game, then launch. I don't know what they did.

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