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Why didn't Vic tell Peppah?


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In Conduct Unbecoming when Vic arrives at the base with Mary, Peppah talks about him hiding drugs and bringing in a prostitute and throws Victor out of the Army.
But because Vic didn't tell Peppah that Martinez sent him.
besides, he could have spoken since Jerry.M told him to get the fresh Marijuana

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Vic has zero proof that Martinez was the one who told him to stash the weed. It's basically his word as a new unknown recruit against Martinez, who would be familiar to the other officers and so more trustworthy in their eyes . So its unlikely they'd believe Vic. I wouldn't be surprised if Martinez was the one who tipped off Peppah in the first place seeing as in the end of the first cutscene Vic tells Martinez that the weed is under his bed,and then at the end of the mission Peppah tells Vic about the weed they found under his bed.

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ZeyadProGamerCod Legend

First Vic was a new soldier and was sent to the Fort Baxter, Peppah is an army sergeant he greeted Vic with respect and Vic was a new soldier to fort Baxter, Martinez the NCO did Vic dirty and told him to get a "package" the marijuana, after Vic and Martinez's friend were attacked by hit men, Martinez told Vic in the Pager to hide the marijuana inside his bed. 


Long Story Short you get to meet Phil Cassidy you become best friends, you kill the cholos And send the money back to Martinez. Last Task Martinez Tasks you to pick a prostitute named Mary, once you take her to Fort Baxter, Unsurprisingly you see Sergeant Peppah standing angrily with a tensed up face and confronts Vic Vance . Long Story Short he discharges you and you don't have the chance to refute about Martinez's dirty work.


So I think in my opinion that sergeant Peppah won't believe him because just joined the fort Baxter, second Martinez was working as a NCO for a long time and Martinez was doing dirty work behind peppah's back. Peppah doesn't know that Martinez does all the dirty work, Martinez doesn't take his Job seriously and watches Candy Suxx. Vic hates drugs and he was worried when he hid the drugs under his bed because of Martinez and telling Martinez that it was making him nervous. 


If Sergeant Peppah understood the whole situation and knowing that Martinez was behind all of this, then Peppah could've discharged Martinez if he knew everything, But the main problem is that he never understood the point and he got straight into discharging him. He could've understood the whole situation and Vic could've told him everything but he didn't have the chance to refute about the situation.



Edited by ZeyadProGamerCod Legend
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