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upgrading ability cards


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i have already upgraded a couple of the ability cards to the max.

but now i cannot upgrade any more cards because i don't get any ep/xp points anymore.

when i try to upgrade any other card it shows that i have "0/10000 xp".

i'm not sure if i did anything different with the other cards which i could upgrade.

how exactly can i earn those xp points for upgrading?

do i have to equip and use one of the new cards first before i earn new xp/ep points?

or is it a bug?

(i'm on pc.)

Edited by size_m
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Abilitiy cards need to be active to gain xp. Just purchasing the card is not enough, it must be active.
Active means selected and placed in your ability card load out.
Yes that means swapping a long worked for level 3 for a level 1. Been there, done that.

However if you are not getting xp for anything that is a big problem and i have no answer to offer.
Do you not get xp when killing an animal, finding a collectable, or doing a mission ?

I am on PS4.

Edited by jazzbone
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yes i'm leveling up my rank an getting regular xp.

but it sounds that you just gave me the right answer with the cards having to be active.

i was probably confused because my active cards (all maxed out on level 3) also show 0/10000 xp.

thanks for your answer.

Edited by size_m
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