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Help, my GTA V crashes after modding


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Hey guys.. I'm pretty new to V modding, am a veteran with SA modding.. I spent the past couple days trying to put in a few mods, but i've received nothing but failure. Part of the reason was cause ScriptHookV needed to update and so did OpenIV.. before OpenIV had its update today, this was my progress in the mod



Peds weren't found in Peds.rpf, and my melee weapon mods weren't showing what they were supposed to be, no mod worked besides the ped menu, until OpenIV got its update..
Before, the dinput8 ScriptHookV and OpenIV both provided didn't work I believe, I found a separate one online that seemed to get me that far in the screenshot..

But after OpenIV updated, I was pretty excited thinking it'd all be good, but my game just crashes during loading story mode, no matter which dinput8 I drop in the folder, it just crashes every time. It doesn't crash when I have the Asiloader uninstalled from OpenIV.

All the modifications I added, was replace weapon textures from patchday3ng and patchday8ng, and installed addonpeds correctly putting the files where they should go etc, that's it. I also installed that ironman mod after and same thing occurs, reinstalling won't help, I reinstalled this game once after the OpenIV update, and  5+ times before that... it's driving me crazy :( I just wanna get this working already, much help would be appreciated.

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So I think I found the problem...

weapon mod works fine now, but I'm having trouble with addonpeds

Seems like whenever I remove the line <Item>dlcpacks:\addonpeds\</Item> or <Item>dlcpacks:/addonpeds/</Item> at the bottom (either \ or / i heard both work), the game stops crashing, that's what's causing it. It's typed correctly, it's a mandatory part of the mod, I don't see why it would do that, the dlclist.xml in GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data... When I remove that line, game won't crash but mod won't work still, what am I supposed to do?
I tried the ironman mod once again, this time, it works but it's missing limbs every time I refresh this mod, it's completely broken and stupid, I wanna use addonpeds but it's having that crash problem when I have that required line on the script.
What am I supposed to do, anyone? :( 


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Nvm.. apparently addonpeds only works with one skin? on top of that.. a lot of things are disabled with the skins on.. kinda sucks lol not what I expected, but still ok nonetheless.

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