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Recommended Posts

Recruitment information Los Santos Life opened our doors for Recruitment in February of 2016 and haven't looked back since. With opportunities in law enforcement, fire response, medical response, and a wide variety of civilian roles; there is no limit to the possibilities. We can offer the most rewarding and entertaining experience in the GTA world when we all work Together .
We offer... *At least 5 official server every week with integrated Cad/Mdt system. *3 primary departments (Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Civilian Operations) with specialized units and sub departments opening as needed *Full and detailed training for each department under the direction and supervision of commanding officers and/or assigned training specialists *Leadership and promotion opportunities. As our numbers grow, so will the need to open new specialized departments and new leadership positions *A constantly evolving role play environment where no two sessions will ever be the same *Situations ranging from simple motor vehicle tickets, to bank robberies, murder mysteries, gang wars, search and rescue missions, etc. You name it and we've either done it or will do it *A fully functioning, user-friendly and highly active community Discord. *A core base of players with extensive role playing history that ensure the most professional and realistic role play experience possible while still fostering a high morale environment for New Recruits Joining with no Prior Experience or very little . *An efficient team that keeps all players active on the map at all times regardless of role { If you Lag out you will be Invited back . *A highly active team of commanding officers that meet on a regular basis outside of role-play sessions to update, evolve, and improve the experience for Los Santos Life and its members as a whole. Reacting to new ideas, experiences through role plays, new game content, and anything else thrown our way.
*A wide variety of media opportunities. Our Weazel News Team compose articles on some of the more interesting role play situations which are posted onto our Instagram and Youtube homepage regularly, for those of you with a journalistic background and/or interest. These journalists are given a personal Weazel News Van to roam the streets of Los Santos during role plays in attempt to capture the most provocative shots possible. A multitude of programs and avenues to provide every member of the community the opportunity to develop their characters as they desire. Something like LifeInvader social media outlet would be available for your Character to run , to a full and comprehensive real estate system for the entire state of Los Santos and even the opportunity to advertise on a advertisement discord page for our business owners:A command staff comprised entirely of Los Santos life veterans; all of which have been members Since The Start . And each department head has reality experience in their individual specializations, meaning you get the most realistic approach to every scene. But does that mean you can't rise the ranks without real-life experience? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It means that we have the tools to provide any true role-player with absolutely anything that they need to succeed and advance to the ranks and departments that they desire in Los Santos Life
Welcome to the most active and exciting role play crew for GTA V on the Xbox One! If you're tired of the MANY crews that similarly advertise themselves but don't deliver, then your search has finally come to an end! Los Santos Life Role Play community is comprised of only the most dedicated and enthusiastic players and with a variety of training, team building & alternative events (Gumball Rallies, Demolition Derbys , Car Shows, Cruises, etc) scheduled in between! citizens of Los Santos provide plenty of activity that requires the attention of our many response departments. No player is ever idle regardless of role or responsibility.All members are expected to attend training sessions for any department or sub-department they're interested in becoming a part of, which are conducted by appointed and qualified specialists in their individual fields. While it may seem trivial to read, it is paramount to ensuring a professional and unified response to every scenario. For example, when arriving on the scene of a house fire the Fire Department takes lead in approaching the home and clearing the scene while the responding police units would be tasked with closing off the scene and keeping bystanders at a safe distance, with the EMS team at the perimeter as well, awaiting victims to be treated. To many of you that may seem very elementary but to others, simply racing in to be the first on scene is the natural reaction despite their role in the scenario. And that is just a single example to the importance of our training programs.
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How do we get in the community? The discord link is expired. Thank you.

Edited by SeaSnail8
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