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OpenIV Issue?

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So before i start this out, yes I have seen the issues with the .asi loader not updating properly.  But I'm have what seems to be an unrelated (so I think) issue.  So I was going to test and run a vehicle that I have been developing.  I installed the files in the .rpf that I had designated.  I updated all the textures fine, and I go to launch the game and it immediately, and I mean immediately informs me that my game is corrupted. So I went into the Rockstar launched and I verified all my game files.  Nothing to find.  So I went to try and pull that vehicle out of the .rpf and I was still crashing with corruption of game files.  I did a quick restart and went to go back into the .rpf (with the model removed because I left OpenIV up and running so I hadn't  exited the .rpf) and the .rpf was corrupted. So with that being said I removed the said DLC pack and Installed a copy I had made before the update, and the same thing, Its corrupted.  I wasnt corrupted 24 hours ago, let alone 5 days ago when I made the copy.  I have added and removed vehicles from that archive all the way up until about 3 hours ago.  No matter how many times I install the known GOOD DLC pack, it keeps telling me its corrupted.  Now before anyone thinks this is in isolated incident, I know of two others, one updating a skin, and the other a vehicle in a DLC.rpf of some type that are now locked out of that .rpf due to corruption.  I dont know if this is related to the .asi manager issue, but literally less than 24 hours ago I had made a change in a different DLC with ZERO issues.  Just wondering what peoples thoughts are about this.  I am not going to attempt any other fixes, until updates are out. 

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