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Bredan Fraser

Accurate Weapon Stats

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Bredan Fraser

In GTA 5 all of the weapon stats were very much wrong, with a big dissonance between displayed stats and actual stats. (This thread goes into some detail)

The familiarity system as well as youtubers making imprecise testing videos leads to misinformation being spread and there being no straight answer to "What is the best gun?"

So that's why i'm asking this question

Has anyone found where the weapons stats are in red dead's files?

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This is a topic started by a person that informes himself and pleases thoroughness :)


The influence of the familiarity stat is so high that a max. familiarity with one revolver/gun/repeater/rifle/shotgun will always 
far outweigh the inherent stats of a weapon in the same catagory. Getting it on max familiarity takes quite a while, especially for peaceful players. 

The story mode of the game quite well balanced for repeaters and rifles. 
You can consider weapons in those catagories increasingly better as they unlock during the story.
It counts to a high degree also for revolvers/guns, but since you'll use that weapon so often you'll 
have an 'unofficial' familiarity too and will as most players be less likely to switch your fave revolver. 
That may change once the guns unlock. The Volcano pistol is quite nice but a niche for those with the taste. 

Shotguns are less balanced. In the beginning of the game you'll have hold of a sawn off, 
double barrel, pump action and if you so please the repeating shotgun. Any other shotgun unlocks 
very late in the game and won't be any better than the ones you already have. 

To answer your question formally I'd say early on Billy Midnights gun is the best one. It's a pistol at least, 
so it counts as gun. But if I read it like "what is the best weapon", well, I don't want to be a useless centrist 
that avoids your question but this is the first game where I can truly say that's a matter of personal preference. 

Since my gut tells me we are alike I'll tell you my faves. 

You'll notice that hunting, stand-offs, and gun fights inside or outside make huuuuge difference. 
You'll want to have a weapon accordingly. 


Fights indoor or close quarters:
Early on Billy Midnights pistol. Even earlier on I use the Volcano Pistol for it's accuracy. Most people 
will suggest the Cattleman or Schofield revolver though. Both are just fine. I use them too for the fun factor. 

When the best gun unlocks in one of the later chapters that's my single use for this purpose. Mixing the 
speed of revolvers and accuracy of guns goes better for me than having a sawn off in my off-hand. But 
to each their own. 

Fights outdoors / distance:
The goold 'ole Carbine Repeater. Familiarity builds up quick and it will outweigh the Lancaster repeater 
you'll get from Micah at the end of chapter 2. The Lancaster is quite good honestly, but I personally think it's ugly. 
A varmint rifle is quite effective too if you go for headshots. But it's unimmersive and kind of weird. If I have a good 
vantage point I may skip the repeater and go straight for a rifle. The Springfield Rifle can be unlocked very early on 
and max upgraded with express ammo it's quite the beast. I call it the poor man's Bolt Action Rifle. 

I use my gun/revolver as a side weapon. The sawn off I don't use as a side weapon for big gun fights. 

Schofield. Good accuracy and fire rate. With split-point ammo the choice to go. 
Nearly a universally accepted practice. 



Rifles all the way. Varmint for small, bow for the specials, and rifles for the big game. 
Hunting for me is the most fun and gives me the most weapon diversity excuses. 

I'm scared sh*tless of bears and their attacks, so I always have my pump-action shotgun in the 
hand when walking, loaded with incendiary buckshot shells. One hit, one kill. Pelt ruined but 
at least I'm still alive. 5 tries of shooting before reloading. Stupid bears. Works great against wolves too. 

Bison, Elk, and similar very big game I shoot with my Springfield early on, and later on with the Bolt Action. 
It unlocks at the end of chapter 3. That's quite the weapon. Packs a real punch. Bill Williamson carries one around 
if you want to know how it looks in-game. Very slow rate of fire, but still okay for gun fights because a hit is 
practically a kill and it's accurate and long distance. 


If I were to choose just one weapon and the goal is: don't die, ever, I'd choose the pump-action shotgun.
Just an inch over the Bolt Action Rifle. 


I hope this helps and gives context. 

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