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Non Lethal Gunplay

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I haven’t played RDR 2 yet, but am interested to try it out.  I just have one question.


I read somewhere that you can shoot an NPC in specific body parts to incapacitate them without killing them.  Is this true?  For instance, can I shoot an enemy in the legs / arms or hands to take them down non - lethally?  Can I disarm a normal enemy in combat by shooting his weapon?

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There were a couple of times I disarmed someone by shooting their wrist. One was a bounty, out of Strawberry. The sheriff made a point of saying 'if you don't think you can bring him back alive, this isn't the job for you'


OK sheriff, and that's just what I'm fixin' to do.


The target was last seen in the northwest, close to where I found the legendary buck. Heading up in to the mountains I found a mine shaft near the target icon so went inside looking for him. As I was crouched inspecting his camp, he appeared at the mine's entrance, blocking my escape and saying something like 'if you want to go, bounty hunter, you have to go through me'. Cue duel. When a duel happens you have to hold down left mouse to start filling a meter as the game shifts in to bullet time (Dead-Eye). When your meter is filled you draw your weapon and can shoot. Most of these opponents are bad hombres and good with a gun themselves, and even in Dead-Eye there's little time to get your shot off before he does. More than one duel has sent me to the retry checkpoint screen.

We both drew at the same time and as he brought his revolver up to level, all in super slow mo, I aimed at his wrist and fired, striking him and sending his gun flying just as a round cooked off and hit the wall behind me. Disarmed, he turned and ran out of the mine, cursing me the whole way. You shot me! Saying how a real man would have killed him and that sort of stuff. I lassoed him and tied him up, and whistled for Captain Jack then loaded the mark on the back of the horse. Back to the sheriff, with this guy jabbering the whole way. You can opt to strike your captives and shut them up, but I like to hear what they have to say. It's a hoot. And this guy was seriously put out by what just happened.

Halfway back to Strawberry we were approached by a couple of shady characters on horseback who said 'that bounty looks heavy, how about we take him off your hands'. I had sensed danger and was already at full gallop as these guys started sending rifle rounds our way, but I had bought a fast horse for just this sort of thing and escaped, much to my captive's relief. I threw him in a cell and collected my 40 dollars. That was a good time

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