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Hello fellow people, I'm new to gta 4 and modding, about a month ago i got gta 4 for the first time and until a week later I downgraded to 1,0.4.0 to get ENB mods, the sad part is that some eliminated the HUD and stats, and sometimes I was able to see HUD, but not the game itself.

I've seen severall unlucky people without answers with the same issue, there was no solution sadly, after banging my head to the desk and severall painfull reinstalls later, I found the solution.

Those that have no HUD, here is what to do: 

-Go to your enbseries.ini file
-Open with notepad and go to the GLOBAL section
-There it says "UseEffect=true/false"
-If you have no HUD, set it to false, if you have HUD but no game graphics, set it to true.
-After changing the value, go to "File" in the upper left corner and click "save", then close notepad.

DISCLAIMER: Setting effect to false will give you the HUD back but everything will get either super bright or super dark, so you will have to mess with contrast

EDIT: After changing AA in my radeon settings for my GPU, I managed to get my HUD back and have effect on :)

If anyone know how to play without effect and have your HUD please leave it in replies, I hope this helps :)

Edited by Heenessey
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Posted (edited)

explain the "edit" please, I have the same problem and I can't solve it

Edited by lxxcio

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