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GTA V Moving Forward (Pressing 'W') glitch


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Hi guys,


So I am having an issue which is pressing the "W" on my keyboard (moving forward). It's glitchy in singleplayer or Online. As you can see in video it's like something is blocking me or I don't know. When I press the left or the right button (A, D) it fixes (as you can see it on the video, as soon as I hit 'S' in my keyboard while driving the car goes with its normal speed) it until I won't stop. If I stop and press the 'W' again the glitch happens again. In the video I pressed 'W' continously. 

On Foot the issue: Glitchy, like something is blocking me. Fix: Press 'S', 'D', 'Alt' or 'Space' and the issue won't come again until I stop, but it's very annoying
On Vehicle the issue: the vehicle is very slow (every kind of vehicle: car, bike, ships etc...) Fix: Press 'S', 'D', 'Alt' or 'Space' and the issue won't come again until I stop, but it's very annoying

What I tried, but didn't work
- Reinstalled the Rockstar Launcher
- Deleted my save files and started the game again (the glitch is even in the Prolouge)
- Restored every setting to default
- Closed my game and restarted many times
- Restarted my computer many times (the issue started about 4-5 days ago)
- Tried a different button instead of 'W', but the same issue occoured witha different button
- Tried to swap to an other character in online and singleplayer as well
- Tried to drive friend's car who hasn't got this issue and the glitch is the same with his car if I drive that


I have a PC (can run the GTA smoothly), Normal keyboard (with cable), Wirless mouse


Do you have any idea or solution? The glitch can be seen very well in this video (onfoot, on vehicle as well):


Thank you. 




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