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About money

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I'm getting towards the end of chapter 3 (I think) and have been saving money but then I realized I don't know what I'm saving money for?


I've upgraded the camp, I seem to have enough ammo,  I don't really care about clothes but I've bought a few things. 


Money was tight at the beginning of the game but now I'm not seeing the dynamic of scarce resources and finite $$. 


What exactly will I be spending money on ? Is it just clothes? I seem to have a decent horse and weapons etc.



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Cutter De Blanc

Most of my money goes toward paying off my bounties

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Bying upgraded equipment, trinkets and pamphlets. I wish I knew this and crafted/bought them sooner. You need to hunt legendary animals first, though :) 


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So unless I hunt, money is worthless?

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Awful Waffle
24 minutes ago, ckey said:

So unless I hunt, money is worthless?

it just depends on what you desire.

if you're just playing the game in order to get through the story then you don't really need any money. you can easily finish the campaign using only the items/weapons provided to you in the main missions.


but if you want to collect everything there is to collect, you could easily spend upwards of $10,000 or more.

but if that doesn't matter to you? then sure, money is worthless.

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Thats the conclusion I'm coming to, which in my opinion is pretty lame and poor balancing. I'm primarily focused on gameplay and not buying clothes or other stupid sh*t that doesn't effect gameplay.

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Awful Waffle

this is singleplayer, not Online.

having money to spend on stuff has nothing to do with "balance" but I guess it's kind of lame compared to GTAV and all the supercars and private jets.


but hey; it's the 1890's old West. it's not 2013 in Los Angeles. there's not a global economy. there's not a consumer culture. it's still the tail end of the industrial revolution. most people are still poor farmers or tradesmen.

back then even the richest guy in the world wouldn't have much to spend his money on aside from good food, mansions and horses, a nice sail boat, and some fancy clothes.

Edited by Awful Waffle

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This is a very hard to balance game element. 
It comes back in any Rockstar game. At one point you're just loaded and money isn't an issue anymore. 

For my first playthrough they did the money management system quite well. 
But if I take all my prior knowledge to a new playthrough I'll be Scrooge McDuck before chapter 3. 


I just accept that for what it is and don't blame it on Rockstar. 
(unlike their graphics downgrade. shame!)


Epstein didn't kill himself

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