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Does anyone know if RockStar will bring this to PC as well?

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Nobody knows, probably won't.

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If RockStar does bring this to PC, I think they should update the graphics (landscapes also) and update the characters looks.........maybe they could also add a picture of Dutch's gang that hangs in John's house and he is able to interact with it remembering his old life (same with Jack (when you play as him))

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rockstar do not care about their singleplayer games unless they make a lot of money in its online mode, so this onbiously won’t come to pc

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the closest you can do is to use emulate with XENIA and RCPS3 and choose what runs best. of which both run terribly for me.

Edited by southparkmayor

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If R* brings this to PC (I did say IF!!), here are some things I'd like to see

  1. Graphic upgrade
  2. Character model upgrade
  3. Exclusive Content that the PS3 version got (Solomon's Folly Gang Hideout and the Walton Gang Outfit)
  4. When John does get to return home, a picture frame of his old gang he can interact with
  5. John finds Sadie who is still alive but is living a retired life (Jake can visit her after the story)
  6. John can talk to himself when looking into a mirror (like Arthur can)
  7. Arthur returns but as a Zombie (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare) and of course John tries to talk/reason with zombie Arthur which doesn't work

If R* brings this to PC, is there anything you'd like to see them do or add?

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