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Free roam events

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Isn't shooting people just before the timer ticks down, in a free roam event, basically exploiting a game mechanic, they spend time respawning and so lose out on a realistic chance of competing in the event 99% of the time. And don't say oh but you can do that too, because two wrongs don't make a right, you get vast posses just shooting people just as the timer ticks down and it is lame at best.

My suggestion is that there is no respawn timer in events people automatically are respawned. This would stop people just basically shooting everyone in the head to gain a significant advantage from gaming the timer. I don't even think most people think it is an exploit but trust me any attempt en masse to game the timer, and gain an unfair advantage is.

Also it would be better if you started where you died not at the edge of the map, because then you are already at a huge disadvantage. You might not believe that people use this game mechanic to gain an advantage that is unwarranted and it certainly isn't a problem if it's just 1 or 2 peopple shooting each other before the event starts it's when it's done by large posses en masse, for example in events like railroad baron so they are pretty much already established on the train before anyone can get near them. I find highly cynical of people that they would do that but they do trust me.

Oh and so as not to clutter up the board with threads: the free roam condor egg hunt event is pointlessly arbitrary, most events have a luck element but that one is just a matter of serendipity. It has no skill involvled whatsoever, I like at least a little bit of skill involved in a free roam event, but maybe that's just me. The egg should be worth 2 cents because frankly it is the worst event of the lot. :P

Edited by Calrid123

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