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SADRP, was formed on January 2nd. This server was Founded by Carter, has undergone new ownership and is now owned by Trey. We strive to make the best role playing community out there, for you to enjoy! You the people are what motivates us as a community to keep this place running. SADRP is a place we can learn from our mistakes and move on from the past, we never hold grudges against anyone in our community. SADRP is a place where we have fun, Mess around and we don’t take things very seriously. We are a laid back Role-playing community and as long as you follow the rules, you will have no problems here at SADRP!


Things We Offer

- We have a fully custom CAD/MDT system

- We have a full economy system

- Active and helpful staff team


SADRP Departments

Los Santos Police Department

Blaine County Sheriff's Office

San Andreas Highway Patrol

San Andreas Fire Department


Civilian Operations


Available Sub-divisions

Field Training Officer

Gang Unit

Air One

S.R.T (Special Response Team)

Medcat Pursuit Unit

..and much more to come


We also have a few roles that you can receive to help the server, for example we have a Promoter Team where they discuss where to promote our server on different sites. Or becoming a interviewer and helping us staff members on giving interviews in the server.


All members of SADRP work together to make sure we have a fun, safe discord server to host RP sessions. Every piece of feedback the staff team is given is talked about and we work around it to make sure that our members are satisfied with every change we bring in!


Every time we bring in a new idea staff will put it in #voting-channel to see how the community feels about the change, everyone's opinion matters.


If you are into Role Play and have an XBOX One, this is the community you want!



Click this to join! ---> https://discord.gg/J8BtYy7

Social Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_dept_rp/wall

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