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Worth buying for PC now?

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But why GTA ? There are so many good PC games that are unavailable to consoles.


On 12/4/2019 at 5:51 PM, StuntMaster100 said:

Hi I played GTA V on ps4 two years ago and sold it along with the ps4. Never played Online. However now looking up some online videos and it seems to be fun

Two years? So, you never encountered the Oppressor MK2 before ?

You see, GTA have changed a lot during these years (mostly for the worse).

Cheaters aside, GTA Online has fundamental issues and devs are NOT planning to solve them in the nearest future.


The chance of encountering the cheater depend on multiple factors, including your ping and your crew.

There are ways to avoid them (or people in general). Most "normal" people play solo or in the closed crews.


Overall, prepare to encounter the worst community in the gaming history. You will have a very bad time socializing with random players in online.


My advice - Get PC, get GTA, but DO NOT play Online.

Try playing FiveM instead, it's an unofficial online mode created by enthusiasts. You can't play it on consoles.

Unlike Online, it uses dedicated servers and it seems to have better protection, you won't see as much cheaters there. In fact I haven't faced any cheater on the servers I played.


And the best part - you can still try Online whenever you want. One thing doesn't exclude another.

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On 12/4/2019 at 9:04 PM, REXX said:

Oh, its playable. Just depends on the people you come across. I play PC online as well as console, but stick to Invite Only sessions to keep myself safe.

True. Since R797fb7da7d5ccc8d9e62ef5c9eb5758a.gif released Oppressors and Orbital laser i switched to Solo session only and never join to Public session

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