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Jim Milton rides again

High stakes treasure guy- help!

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Jim Milton rides again

Hi guys, i just signed up only to ask for help regarding the high stakes treasure hunter location. I'm currently in Epilogue 1 on my 1.st playthrough and at 87% total completion. I have done all the challenges except for the high stakes treasure. I can't get the guy spawn. I've checked all of his 6 spawn locations, especially around Strawberry, Riggs and Wallace station. which i'm checking every day 4-5 hrs for the last week or so, real life time. He just doesn't spawn for me. I'm so desperate because i'm afraid of having to start new game in order to get 100%. Is this some sort of a glitch? I tried to cleared cache on my x1x and rdr2 as well, but no help. I'm aware that the map should be at the fence if you miss him 3x, but it's not at any fence in my game. Now i remember hearing and seeing this guy a few times in chapter 2 or 3, but i never paid any attention to him because i didn't even know he is the treasure guy. Only later i found out on some yt videos that he is the guy and i'm searching for him every day since chapter 3. Please help me out, i'm so frustrated. Are there any other requierments in order to have this guy spawn? Day, night, rain, clothes, etc..? 

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Jim Milton rides again

Anyone, members, mods, please? Help me out guys, i'm totally desperate and i'm really not excited about having to start a new game after a 've put in few hundreds of hours, just because of this treasure hunter.

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So this probably won't be of much practical help to you.....


…...but in my main playthrough, I didn't encounter him until I was deep into Epilogue 2 and had already played for a couple of hundred hours.


Like you, I had looked in all his apparently spawning locations without luck, and had basically given up on him ever appearing - and then suddenly I was riding past his location nearest Riggs station, and there he was. Think it was the quickest I'd ever gotten my lasso out and hogtied anyone - didn't want him getting away again!


For what it's worth, it was a bright sunny day, and I was wearing regular clothes.

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Jim Milton rides again

Thanks for your reply Tonesta! I appreciate it very much. Currently i've done 2 missions of Epilogue 2. You gave me hope to play further, because i almost gave up today and din't know whether i should start a new playthrough or just leave it be and go back to GTA V again. I guess i'll just keep playing it to the end and check for the guy on regular basis. Cheers!

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