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Some Proof That Niko Is Still Alive And Chances Ofd Him Appearing in GTA VI

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 So, some people think ( thanks to noughpointfourlive) that Niko is dead. I'm here to disproof it. Help me on the way as well.


  Here's some proof, that he's still alive.

Mainly, Niko's lifeinvader page in  GTA V. We can see his profile there. Mayba simple easter egg, maybe more.

Although Lester mentions Niko, it saids "he went quiet". It can mean a lot of things. Maybe he's laying low, quit criminal life and whatever. And now living in peace.

Also Packie mentions Niko, as suggest he's maybe dead. It saids nothing. They haven't seen each other for some time, not keeping contact. This proofs nothing.

Actually lifeinvader page is only clue that he's alive. But as a fan. I believe, he is. 


  Also, can we see Niko return in GTA VI? Yes and no. I would be if he did return. But it's unlikely. Because Niko's voice actor: Michael Hollick in on bad terms with Rockstar games. Maybe his relationship with  has improved. Not sure.

If not, I don't think he would return, unless Rockstar pay him enough money. Or they recast him.


  Anyway, maybe you have other proof that he's alive. Also, do you think, that he can return in GTA VI? Wanna read your thoughs.










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I thought everything you wrote was pretty widely accepted, can't see anything to argue against. I'd be more interested to know what the argument for Niko being dead is, what's it based on? Like, he technically could be dead or alive because there's nothing that 100% confirms he's alive. But while there's several hints that he's alive there's no hints that he's dead that I'm aware of. As you say Packie's comment tells us nothing as it's just based on losing touch with him and knowing that a guy living that criminal lifestyle (which, unknown to Packie, it's strongly suggested he's given up or at least eased up on anyway) has a high chance of being killed, it isn't based on any actual knowledge of what's happened to him. 


I guess more "proof" would be that a wanted poster of Niko can be found on the front porch of a house out in the desert. Not really proof of anything as it's just an easter egg but it's another suggestion of his presence. 

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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Interesting thoughts. For me, Niko is one of the most memorable GTA characters because he was one of the most believeable; I am not a criminal or soldier myself but find that I can identify with his character more than any other GTA protagonist.

I therefore like to think of Niko as alive, if not particularly active any more. Storyline aside, if Niko's character were to be brought back, I would want it to to be done proplery - true to his original character, authentically, so that his character flows naturally from what happened in Liberty City and events before then. In other words, I would prefer a believeable and well-crafted character like Niko not to return in any capacity, rather than return in some capacity but in a way that undermines and makes less believable what came before.

Anyway, last I heard Niko was laying low in Liberty City; he made a lot of enemies there, so this probably makes sense.


In fact, some say that he even keeps a blog with retrospect, haha!

Edited by GiveMeLiberty78

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