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Analysis Required

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Maybe not the right place to put this, but can someone knowledgeable please sit down and give this a listen? I'm just trying to figure it out been listening to it off and on since time began. 


Please take it apart, section-by-section (e.g. 1st, verse, 2nd verse, etc). The only sure fire sound I can identify here is the Korg M-1 for the choir patch, but that's about the only sound I can decipher.


Thanks, and I'll try to keep these requests to a minimum if/when possible.

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What is it you want to know? Song structure? Instruments used? Everything? There's a lot going on with this particular song (and as it happens, the whole album) but you're looking to dig into the gear being used, there's a mirror of all the known synthesisers the duo used here, though it doesn't go into specifics into what's used during what era necessarily. I can tell you though after a few listens that I believe there is extensive use of a Boss DR660 and a Roland MKS80. From what I can tell, a gentleman called Pete Gleadall was their principle programmer around the time Very was being produced. There was a now dead link to an interview I found on a dusty forum that spoke about his fondness of JV1080s and the Yamaha TG500, with a TG33 being used for the choir and string sections you mentioned. On that same thread I saw this reply from somebody who claimed to have been involved in the record, though do take what's said with a pinch of salt because it's more than likely that this particular user is talking out of their arse. Perhaps this "cheeky Pete" and Pete Gleadall are one and the same?

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Thanks for the reaponse. Inthought i was bring clear that im Tallinn instrumentation. 

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Mister Pink

I think I can hear some Emu-Emulator is as the acidy bassline. And I know PSB were big in to using the Emulator II as seen in this video. 



But the bassline I was hearing was from Everything Counts by Depeche Mode who also heavily used an E-mu Emulator II as well. The check the bass in the track below, pretty sure it's the E-Mu. And you can download a soundbank/VST for Kontakt of the Emulator II and go through the sounds. Or you can see a demo of the whole library  of it here.  



Edit: Upon listening to it again, it defo sounds like more 90's Korg stuff and less 80's like I originally thought. 

About the acidy/Arp bass. Try the Korg Wavestation - 'Kick Up The Bass' preset. 

Edited by Mister Pink
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