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Holiday Foods

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'tis the season!


The holidays are celebrated the world over and it's one of the things we have in common, but we also have our own unique ways of celebrating the holidays that are unique to our own cultures.


Growing up in London, I've grown up enjoying mince pies.

IDK if other countries have these or not, but in the United Kingdom, we have these.

For the uninitiated; they're fruit and spice pies (I guess), no meat in these sweet cup sized mini pies that the stores only bring out for the season; so like, for 6 or 7 weeks of the year; from mid November to December 25th, you can find these pies (and other festive foods) on the shelves.

I however; aren't waiting until Christmas and have lost count of the boxes of mince pies (boxes of 12 or boxes of 6) I've bought and consumed thus far.



I live within walking distance of a Tesco and an Iceland, these are UK supermarket chains who, like the rest of them, produce these and other festive foods.





Come January 1st to Easter Sunday, Cadbury produce their sugar bomb Cadbury Creme Eggs.


I had never noticed until I saw on TV recently that this was a seasonal food too; I thought these were available year round but they're not.



So what foods do you like that the stores only bring out for the holidays?



Edited by ilovebender.com

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Even though Tesco say mince pies are pies full of spiced mincemeat, the back of the box says they're suitable for vegetarians; I guess it's Britain having gross misleading names for some of the foodstuffs here.


They taste like if a sugar cookie had a baby with a jelly donut and their jelly donut sugar cookie baby's jelly tasted all tart, fruity and cinnamon like.

Edited by ilovebender.com

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These aren't a holiday food per se, but they're certainly more popular around Christmas.




Pigs in blankets. For those unaware, it's essentially a small sausage wrapped in bacon and heavily seasoned. It's barbaric and perverse, as is always the case when it comes to wrapping an animal in the same animal, but I love them. I could hoover up an entire bowl and think nothing of it. I would happily trade all other foodstuffs associated with the time if it meant eating a plate of these with a cup of sage and onion stuffing.

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I'm sat around my parents-in-law kitchen table discussing exactly this (well, Christmas dinner) right now. Pigs in blankets are always a good decision. And will definitely be on the table.


We've usually got 6 or 8 of us around for Christmas dinner including a couple of veggies, so we end up doing a couple of meats and a veggie thing. Things year I'll be doing a smallish duck with Port and cherries, plus either an ibirico pork lomo/ballota (rolled loin) or a beef short rib. Might do some kind of veggie pie this year.


We'll do red cabbage, sprouts, duck fat potatoes, parsnips, pigs in blankets, peas and a few other bits probably.




Pepparkakor, Lebkuchen, Florentines and decent homemade mince pies are all pretty popular. I've made a cake I've been feeding since mid October, it's had nearly half a bottle of brandy. 

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Lombo á Califórnia:




It's a recipe with pork tenderloins (Wikipedia gave me that name, not sure if it's correct) mixed with pineapples and mangoes (it sounds weird, but trust me it's delicious). Usually served with Farofa (a powdery mix with spices) and rice.


And, like good Brazilians, we have a pizza version of this as well (Brazilian pizzas are weird, look them up)



Edited by DOUGL4S1

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Does this topic include Hanukkah foods such as latkes and jelly doughnuts? (even though I'm not Jewish)

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