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Crane bug, no start marker [Android]


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Hello I play GTA sa on Android on a previous version because they have removed compatibility. I have a problem with the custom fast track mission. 

I'm blocked because the red zone near the crane doesn't appear.


I did a new game with a mod to launch the mission in advance and the red zone appears.

The crane is functional.
I haven't changed my version.


I play with mods but I don't think the problem comes from there. because I have friends who play without mod and it makes the same problem.


I tried to reinstall the game the same as always.


So I get stuck if someone has a solution, thank you.


I am writing with an English translator because I am French and I hope it will not disturb your reading.

Edited by lil weasel
title & approval
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Upload your save to GTASnP.com and post the link. Please save near the crane; I'd like to test if I find the same problem. I might be able to track down the problem if it is a glitch in the save file.


If I understand the problem correctly, the small red cylinder that marks the position for CJ to enter the crane does not appear. CJ cannot enter the crane. Correct?


Can you enter other cranes? The crane at the Doherty construction site is close, but that mission has already been completed. The crane at the quarry pit may also be needed for a mission.


Did you create the save you are using or did you download a starter save with some activities already completed?



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Please, use


It does not require membership or any complicated or Ad infested activities.

this also allows the Helper to load the save into the slot of his/her choice

IF your game has mods, put the link(s) too

Post the provided link in this topic,

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Hello I made a new save game and I had to do all the LS and SF missions again when I arrived at the "custom fast track" mission the crane works again so I could pass the mission but sometimes the circle is invisible so I have to go around the crane until I find it to touch the interaction button.


But in my previous save game it didn't work I put myself in the area where the red circle usually appears but no message telling me that I can use the crane by pressing the interaction button (which doesn't appear) 
The circle does not appear.
Not even invisibly.

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