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Franklin's "Friends" from the Hood are all terrible people

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Franklin is easily my second favourite of the trio. (For those interested Michael is my favourite , gotta love the whole arc he goes through)


However every time I play through the story line I always feel a really big hatred for Tanisha , Lamar and Tonya and his Aunt too. Franklin at the very start of the game is trying to find legitament ways to get himself out of the hood. Which is something that is to be admired as hes trying to get away from all the gangland trouble plauging Los Santos , Tanisha and Lamar constantly berate him for this and act like hes the asshole in this situation when really they are the problem. As the story progesses Franklin gets more involved with Michael as even though hes not "Legitament" nor even trust worthy , Michael is Franklins ticket out the ghetto. If Michael hadnt met Franklin then Lester wouldnt of procured the house for Franklin so that they could hide the money from the Tax men. Again his friends berate him for all that hes has accomplished and when Franklin goes out of his way to help them constantly tell him that he should know his place and stick to what they are doing. Lamar especially is bad at this. Lamar is the biggest problem in Franklins  life. Lamar is so deep into all the Gang sh*t that without Franklin there to bail his ass out Lamar would of died early on in the game. Lamar seems to think just because Franklin wants to move on to Bigger and Better things that hes somehow a sell out.


Tonya who Franklin is basically towing cars for , for free also has some kind of issue with Franklin wanting to get out the hood. Even though she's clearly got a heavy dependency on I think Speed she and her partner work semi-legit. And yet she still takes time out of her day to berate Franklin for trying to lead a better life aswell.


Franklins aunt Threatens to call the police on Franklin for what she calls "Disloyalty" to the hood after Franklin moves out and what I believe is the mission where you shoot up Grove Street for guess who? Lamar


And finally we end up on Tanisha. Throughout the early game and just after the first heist at Vangelico its possible to email her and also receive a phone call from her. During this she tells Franklin to grow up and to stop looking for the easy way. Something hes actually doing by moving away from just being another trigger friendly gangster. Finally at the end of it all she asks Franklin to go save Lamar. Someone who has dragged Franklin down from the very start. She then snaps at him stating that just because he has money that he isnt changed. Even though Franklin matures a lot during his time doing heists to the point where he acts more grown up than Michael and Trevor a lot.


I feel like Franklin is one of those people that was forced into Gang Culture at a young age and the fact that throughout the entirety of the story its sympathetic for him to leave that environment because its pretty sh*t. The fact these people keep dragging him back into it is what makes me think they are kinda terrible. Lamar being the worst thing to be in Franklins life followed very shortly by his Aunt.


Anyway let me know what you think.


Is Franklin some kind of sell out for getting himself to a postion where hes not in the Hoods anymore and not involved in all the Gang land stuff or is Franklin the victim of Gang Culture and a better man for finding his way out

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absolutely. every one of them is a selfish piece of cocksucking sh*t(owned by patrick mcreary). to me, the most horible one is tanisha, when at the end she says “you gotta grow up” franklin coulda said “nigga stfu what the f r u talkin bout u grow up ma ass”, but instead he respectfully said goodbye becuase he’s a respectful guy.


they are simply jealous about the fact frank handled himself with a proffesional guy instead of hanging around the hood like a clown.


”you supposed to ma nigga, i tought we was homies fo’ life”, no he aint supposed to save you from people who he warned you about again.


his aunt is another story, the type of person who acts the good when clearly she isn’t


im so glad frank lives in an empty mantion rather than hanging around those toxic so called friends

edit: i find him to be an underrated protagonist

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Right?  Like all of Franklins friends are using Franklin for something. I don't know whether its just because I have had people use me in the past or what but seeing that and seeing them berate Franklin kind of just gets to me. 

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kinda, and they are expecting him to be perfect. remember how tanisha acted? you gotta get outta this hood crap and sh*t

(frank gets out of hood)

tanisha:you are leaving your friends, “this is the future”. it’s like those parents who cannot enjoy anything their son/daughter does

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El Penguin Bobo

I'm pretty sure that's the whole point. They make those characters unlikeable to show how Franklin lives his life and it shows how much Franklin needs to get away from them and the hood.


But yeah, I wanted to kill every single one of them, except Lamar. At least he was actually funny IMO.

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