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With over 2 weeks of online play every day. I have some observations. Wondering if others are encountering the same things. Playing PC with keyboard & trackball, onlne only.


1. Poker does not seem to be random. Watched a player go from $3 to $96, doing only max bets with only face cards. He lost only 3 games, player after player kept leaving, clearing the table time after time. I stayed in by folding, and only betting small bets, just to see how far it would  go. I was eventually kicked after the second refunding went to 0.


How is this happening?

a. People are hacking poker.

b. RockStar has a faulty random implementation

c. RockStar has attempted to em-place a form of streak.


Yesterday I finally had a streak run, same thing as I viewed previously with other players. But after wining 4 hands was disconnected. I keep seeing the same players winning. The game should be dealing the cards out randomly, but why do the same specific players constantly win?


2. I am in Tucson Arizona. Every morning, 1-6 am Tucson time. The server is full of Chinese players. There seems to be a higher rate of hackers during those times. Head shots like crazy, when behind bolder's even a cliff this morning. How are they making those shots from so far away, while they are moving, while my player is behind trees, boulders, cliffs, and in some cases npc's. Npc's don't get hit. They are able to move from their last position to your spawn point and are there as soon as you spawn. Not running just appear immediately. Seems there is 1-2 hackers on every server. I have a 1,000 mbs connection. Consistently get 700-900 Mbs test results with 10-50 ms latency from various locations around northern america.


a. Hacking is predominate.

b. Server and or client latency and or code is teleporting players.

c. Some kind of bug.

d. Latency due to Asian players being placed on servers with players on a different continent therefore having an unfair advantage due to their extremely high latency.


3. What is up with the free aim setting. I use a trackball and keyboard, do not use a controller. I could not find a setting in the settings page to change to fee aim. I had to go into the controller settings to make that settings change even though I do not use a controller.


a. RockStar devs are just assholes.

b. Rockstar devs are stupid.

c. Rockstar devs do not actually play the game with keyboard & mouse and or trackball.



4. I see a lot of people playing in defensive mode. Since I play with trackball and keyboard. I cannot find a binding for defense mode. How are people getting into defense mode, and why is it there in the first place?


a. I get killed by people in defense mode they get one shot kills and I shoot them numerous times but they do not die.

b. If i get close and use dual shotguns I can kill them.

c. Posses with multiple posse members run around in defense mode killing individual players who are unable to go into defensive mode. My experience. How is this conducive to player retention.


5. So wtf is the purpose of defense mode?


a. Little boys feel like they are big boys.

b. Give controller players an advantage over keyboard players.

c. RockStar wants to give controller players an advantage that keyboard players do not have. Just because they want to.


I have encountered a lot of great players who know how to have fun. Rampaging together or against players trading back and forth kills. It is understood that with online play getting killed time and time again is part of the play.


6. Why are there so many discrepancies when it comes to keyboard - mice (trackball) bindings.


a. RockStar is so stupid that after 1 year of console play, they cannot effectively provide the same settings for keyboard players.

b. RockStar dev's are just assholes, and want to screw people who can afford $2K for a real computer in comparison to the $200-$300 console players.

c. RockStar just does not want players that can afford $2k plus computers and have the excess cash to afford to purchase gold to continue to play the game and spend their money.

d. RockStar dev's are simply low intelligence dicks who simply do not understand how or why people who who can afford a real computer, want to play RDR2.


7. Overall the game is great. Yet it appears that RockStar is intentionally screwing the real computer keyboard mice players. There is a lot more wrong with the game, the above is just a small part of what is wrong. But why is there an apparent attitude of screw the real computer keyboard mice players. We have money, in most cases more money than the little kiddies with consoles living off of mommy & daddy. Since RockStar has had 1 year to build the PC release since the console release, why are the controls and bindings so bad?


a. RockStar hates real computer users and their money.

b. RockStar are a bunch of retards.

c. RockStar has so much money they are laughing all the way to the bank and have no intentions of providing decent settings/bindings for the keyboard/mice players.

d. RockStar dev's are simply stupid. One year since initial release, and they just do not have the mental faculties to understand the issue.

e. RockStar has no clue what alpha or beta testing is.

f. RockStar does not allow the dev's to actually play the game they designed.

g. All the money provides for all the RockStar dev's & executives to be on crack.


Edited by Pinche-Vaquero
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