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Join Survive the hunt with us on 12-08-19 at 6PMEST!


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Come join us!!!!!

Game Mode: Survive the hunt
Date: 12-08-19
Time: 6PM Est

Server type: Invite Only
Players Needed: 15-25

EVERYONE must have a MIC!! 
"No Mod Menu's!!!!! !"

We'll be in a invite only server & have at least 5 Players on the hunters side keeping an eye out for odd behavior  so if we suspect you of having any advantages, You will be removed promptly. If you're interested in playing,   Add myself or Omega 2 days before this event so one of our group leaders can  vet each player before we begin this awesome event & also to be sure we have room on the roster for you. If we don't have room, You'll be added to the reserve roster if somebody drops out. First come, First Serve! 


For a better experience, I recommend that EVERYONE read the rules & watch the FailRace channel as study guide before we start this event.
Take a glance though the comments for tips & Tricks as well! 



Here are the offical rules

FailRace Channel

Add me To RockStar Here

Add me to Discord


#General Rules:

*Every single player in the game has to have their HUD (map) turned off - to avoid cheating and to make the game as exciting and as enjoyable as possible.

*No Name Over Players

*Hunters usually must wait 2 minutes before setting out. "Time when Starts when Flare fun is fired..
 *The person who fires the flare is the 2min counter, You can't start hunting until He/she does"

*Because of the complexity of this game, The Hunted is not allowed to leave the city.

*You must survive 24 in-game GTA hours. "Generally 50 mins if the player last to the end"

*Travel on foot is allowed
*The Hunted has access to all weapons while hunters are restricted to handguns, shotguns, and occasionally SMGs."No Rocket Launchers or special weapons"

#Rules for Vehicles

*The Hunted can pick any natural spawned vehicle.
*Non-lethal air units only
*Hunters are not allowed to pick cars that they cannot edit in Los Santos Customs, and non-lethal air units only!
*Nobody can't shoot from inside their Vehicles, Hunters must get out of their vehicles if they wish to fire on the hunted

Tips For the Hunted:
Don't Piss off police
Flow with NPC's, act as they do in a situation to avoid being detected
Avoid Brake Lights & Reverse in some situations

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