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Need help doing heists, and jobs in general


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Hello, citizens of GTA Online, i used to play GTA V on PS3 back when it released, now i have recently gotten it on PS4 but i was obviously too late to port my ps3 character to ps4, i have managed to get a high end apartment and my zentorno back, but I need people that can understand english and use common sense to help me with the heists, i am currently in prison break with the setup mission wet work, but everytime i play it i get matched with brazilians (why? I am not even close to there, i am egyptian lmao) and there is always a communication wall between us. So basically what i nees is: PS4 players and their PSN ID

Their Ranks

TIME ZONE and the time that they are active in (I am active during the late night on gmt +2 12 am to 4 am

And their main language, and whether or not they are fluent in english

My psn ID is my username. 

Edited by Kamalkimo2002
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I'm also looking for level-headed people to grind with and do heists especially this week. Psn: MightyWizard42

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Psn Hondagyal93 

lvl 77(I’m rising thou lol I have a club and two businesses)

I work for myself so I’m on all hours of the day 

NYC time(est)

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  • 4 months later...
On 12/1/2019 at 12:02 PM, MightyWizard said:

I'm also looking for level-headed people to grind with and do heists especially this week. Psn: MightyWizard42

 Can I Add ? Ik I’m super late. My p4 was down 

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